My stepbrother has vivid fantasies for his little stepsister.


I’m super confident that I’m the sexy little stepsister of your dreams. This is because I want to satisfy and keep you wanting more. Moreover, you living with a slutty stepsister like me is a huge bonus. I crave sexual experiences with you that allow you and me to explore our wildest kinks. And when I’m not around, for you to create the most vivid fantasies in your mind.  At times I wish my stepbrother took my virginity before our parents got married. However, it is fine because I have you now. And you don’t have to watch your taboo dreams play out on a laptop screen, you live them out with me instead.

Our vivid fantasies grow each day

Now that we have the house to ourselves. We can’t wait to get our hands all over each other. We can hardly get to my bedroom. Your vivid fantasies take over.  I love the feel of my hard nipples rubbing up against your chest as we kiss. Then you slowly, take your hands down the back of my panties. As I reach down, I feel your cock growing in my hand. Before I know it you push me on my bed and part my legs open. Then you take your tongue and start to suck on my clit. I enjoy this so much that I wrap my legs around your head.  You insert your tongue deeper inside my pussy and then back to my sweet clit.

My dreams are being played out.

My voice is low as I moan, telling you to keep licking. Then when you work your way back up to my D cups, you are driving me crazy with your mouth. I didn’t think a man had ever made me feel as good as you. Our vivid fantasies are turning into the real thing. But I feel a little guilty at the time for getting my tits and pussy licked by you, because you’re my big brother. It’s so wrong but it feels so perfect. Therefore we both have an unspoken rule not to say anything to other people. But I know In the back of my mind I can’t wait to tell my Mom about our dirty secrets. Your stepmom is very open-minded and not judgmental.

What kinds of vivid fantasies does she have at night?

I can bet you thousand dollars my Mom has taken a sneak peek of us fucking. I decide to wait to reveal to you, that my Mom has been playing with her pussy. You may not be sure if my Mom will be ok with you and I fucking, being that we are step brothers and step sisters. Because we love to have sex with each other. we don’t need any interference from family. When you have a big stepbrother as handsome as you, sparks are always flying. It’s now been over three months of us fucking like the world is going to end. We usually wait until your Dad is at work to play. And my Mom likes to rub her sweet spot in the room next to ours. As we have a blast fulfilling our kinkiest vivid fantasies.