When I was a college girl, I went on a little Egyptian adventure – who knew it would lead me to a cock from home!

I was a very adventurous college girl!  When I went to Egypt to sight-see one summer, I was offered a job as a belly dancer at a local cocktail bar.  I was going to stay for the summer and take in the history.  But all that was ruined by my third week.  It just so happened that I had taken an archaeology course the semester before.  I found the city fascinating!  I would never have guessed that my little adventure had far more in store for me!

As a college girl, I was easy on the eyes.  I loved taking advantage of the pockets of every lonely poor soul to lay eyes on me.  I had no preference, man or woman.  Smiling, I would enchant my way into their wallets one way or another.  The bar owner, Seth, loved me and we had begun a very lucrative relationship.  He would send me to seduce men he wanted information from or some obscure historic artifact he found useful.  I was going to head home a very wealthy woman.

Seth called me in one afternoon and showed me a picture of the mark for this evening.

 It was my archaeology professor from school!  I knew he found me attractive.  I felt that our previous relationship would only make him an easier target for my charm.  The plan was simple, my boss was playing his friend, it would be easy to get him to a back room with me.  From there, it was all up to me to get the Amulet of Ma’at.  My boss just explained it was an expensive bauble he wanted for his collection.  How could a young college girl like me ever guess it meant so much more?

Seth brought in my professor and sat him down.  He gave his usual lines he feeds all our marks, “I know you must be tired after such a long trip, take a load off, relax – how long has it really been since they’ve had a woman?  He has a beautiful, clean, college girl from the states for the summer…he knew she would give him a night he could never forget!  That was my cue!

 I came in twirling around in beautiful blue silk and taffeta, being sure to avoid his eyes at all costs.

 I wanted him to feel me before he knew I was a little college girl from one of his classes.  Gracefully, I swirled around and sat on his lap with my back to him and brought his hands up to my tits, then slowly guided his hands down my luscious, curvy body.  I felt him instantly stiffen under me, so I quickly came to my knees and began undoing his pants with my head down.

He didn’t fight me at all, I felt his whole body relax as I slid his rock hard cock into my mouth.  Obviously, he loved oral sex!  I felt his hand slide up my neck to the back of my head and was more than turned on when he started pushing my head down on his big, throbbing cock.  He grabbed my hair and began moving me at just the pace he preferred. 

Was he going to be as excited when he found out I was just a college girl he taught last semester?  

His hand slid down my cheek and gently pulled my chin up so he could see who the enchantress working this magic on his cock was.  When I looked up and met his eyes, his cock instantly twitched and filled my mouth with his cum.  I knew he had a thing for me!  When I had finally sucked him clean, his lips contoured into the wry smile I had masturbated to so many nights after his class and just as he began to speak…

The doors flew open for Seth and ten of his “employees” and they rushed in with guns pointed.  My professor quickly grabbed me from behind and threatened to let me get shot.  Seth laughed and said he would gladly shoot through the both of us to get what he wanted.  My professor swiftly threw me towards the back door and grabbed my wrist as he was running out.

 We were dodging bullets, running through the streets of Egypt.

When he suddenly asked why I was working in such a place and doing such things.  He said he would gladly have taken care of me financially and physically while we were in the states, had I just asked…he thought I was just another sweet little college girl, but now we were stuck running for our lives in Egypt and I was going to have punishment for putting him such a tight spot.  My pussy quivered at the thought…

Keep an eye out, and your cock hard for Pt.2!


College Girls go on so many adventures! 

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