Who doesn’t like a little 420 with their oral sex?

I love giving oral sex while smoking a blunt!!  He lit the blunt and while he lay there enveloping the room with smoke.  All I could think was how sexy he looked as the weed-filled his lungs and relaxed his body.  I wanted his body to relax even more.  So I crawled up in between his legs and took the blunt from him.  I took a long hit and handed him the blunt back.  I unzipped his pants and pulled his flaccid dick out of his pants.

He gleamed as he looked down at me, knowing he was getting ready to have the best head of his life.   The only time he smiled more, was when I gave him hot, nasty anal sex!  I rock at sucking dick, but I am an artist when I’m high.  His breath quickened while I toyed with the head of his cock.  I loved rolling my tongue around it, then gently sucking his cock into my mouth like spaghetti.   Watching his face relax while I glide my tongue around it as I let it fall out of my mouth really got me wet.  As his cock started to get harder, the more tricks I could do with it in my mouth.  He was going to love the way my tongue moved when I gave oral sex!

I started to bring his cock to the back of my throat.

His head rolled back while I moved my tongue around it as my mouth moved up and down his shaft.  I paused for a drink and to hit the blunt again.  He groaned as my mouth engulfed his cock again.  His cock was rock-hard from being teased and it throbbed as I pushed it down into my throat, my oral sex made his cock ooze pre-cum!

He grabbed the back of my head with one hand, while he was using the other to puff away at his blunt, and pushed my head down so that I had his cock completely in my mouth.  He began moving my head up and down at the pace he wanted, and I used my tongue to swirl around his shaft as my lips squeezed his cock.  

His breath quickened every time my mouth moved up and down his cock.

 I could feel his cock stiffen and I knew he was ready to cum.  I plunged down his dick and felt his sour, salty juices burst into my throat.  So I sucked every drop of cum out of his cock and showed him how sexy I looked with his baby juice in my mouth before I swallowed it.  He couldn’t help but blow a huge load because of my oral sex!

I grabbed the blunt from his hand and with a giggle and a “you’re welcome” smoked the rest of the blunt as he lay there trying to stay awake, despite the fact I just sucked the soul out of his dick, my oral sex was on point!


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