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My boyfriend loves my ass, but last night we had some hot, kinky anal sex!!  I was cleaning the house.  He was watching my ass as I moved around the room  I saw his eyes move with me.  I knew he was thinking about how amazing my ass felt.  It was round and jiggly.  He loved just shoving his face into it.   He knew I was busy, though – so he was content just to watch.  I think it made his cock throb harder just watching me walk around, and bend over doing daily tasks, then when I was naked and shaking it in from of him!

I was finishing up the lunch dishes when I walked a washrag to the laundry room and as I passed, he pulled me to him and his hand went up my dress and started caressing my ass.  He was more obsessed with my ass now, then when I was a college girl!  Suddenly, his hands were on my hips, then he turned me around and bent me over, pulling my ass toward his face. He just stared at my ass for a bit, rubbing it and squishing it one way and another. His lips kissing both of my soft, smooth ass cheeks.  I love feeling his lips softly move across my skin.

His big, rough hands separated my ass cheeks and he dug his face right into my adorable asscrack. He started digging his tongue into my cute little asshole. He grabbed me by my thighs and carried me, with his tongue still moving in my asshole and took me to our bed.  

I knew he was hungry for some kinky anal sex!

He put me on our bed bent over and slid his face under my pussy.  I started grinding my hips and moving my ass over his face, gliding his tongue from my clit to my asshole.  He moved his fingers up into my pussy and I started fucking his fingers while his tongue was still in my pussy.  I groaned as I felt his fingers move into my asshole and instantly came all over his sexy little face. He got up on his knees and started gliding his rock hard cock up and down my ass crack.  I moaned when he shoved his huge cock into my tight little asshole

. He grabbed my hips and started grunting as he pounded my cute little asshole. I felt his cock getting harder and harder as he pushed his dick into me deeper and harder.  I started backing my ass up onto his cock and as soon as he felt that adorable little ass jiggle around his swollen cock, he burst deep in my asshole. He moaned loudly as he pumped his cock juice into me. I knew my ass made his afternoon, I loved giving my man all the anal sex he wanted!!


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