Getting College Girls Naked is so much easier than you’d ever imagine.  Although, you’ve really got to know the way things work.  First, you MUST appear to their inner freak.  Then, you need to admire them for all their sexuality.  After that, you strip them with your eyes until they practically melt into your arms.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll find a situation where College Girls Gone Wild is an open invitation for you to CUM on in!  Especially if you’ve got a camera handy.  Because we all know that college girls just LOVE attention.  Tell them how beautiful they are, or how sexy their nipples look in their t-shirts; or better yet, say how well their yoga shorts fit against a CLEARLY bald pussy.  Whatever it is that you say, do so with a low and sexy voice that entices them to remove the items and SHOW you.

College is the purrfect time to get them, however, they’re just new enough to the sex scene to require some coaxing.  So, don’t rush the eXXXperience.  Here is where you turn them!  They’re just young enough to want it, but old enough to make you beg for it.  And beg, you WILL!

Once you see those perfect tits and pussy, they’ll SEE the yearning in your eyes and THAT’S when you’ve got them.  Move slowly though; make them want YOU too.  If it’s forbidden, the fruit just gets sweeter.  Wouldn’t it be divine to be that older man who lives near the college?  Getting to know them by driving past campus every day so that you beCUM a common fixture.  Nothing to fear.

College Girls Naked is your dream cum true!

Be the friendly stranger their parent’s DON’T know.  But, not a scary figure; because you aren’t, right? LOL.  You’re the sexy older man like Daddy’s friends they pretend to NOT notice, but always get wet for.  You know they rub those sweet cunts thinking about you and wishing for naughtier action. But, they’re too afraid to ask for it.

Just imagine the squirting cum they have while you’re right downstairs playing cards with Daddy!  You yearn to be the one to go upstairs to use the bathroom and steal peeks into her bedroom, right?  So, now that she’s away at college, it’s your chance.

Everyone KNOWS that the first allure of university is being on their own.  Free to party all night, experiment with drink and drugs… AND those first tingles from boys.  Not only boys, but also REAL MEN!  The first real glance at that man-meat they’ve only dreamed of.  That thick, veiny, shiny-headed COCK of their filthy fantasies!  They can almost smell it, they can SEE your heart-pounding in it; maybe even taste it with their eyes! 

In addition to the thrill of watching them watch youyou get the added pleasure of seeing their own needs.  Moreover, you’ve got the secrecy of being in their college dorm or student apartment as a hiding place away from prying eyes.  You can relive your own youth fantasies in that room.  Turn the music up and get her comfy enough to sit next to you on the bed.  Run your warm hand through her hair; caressing the back of her throat.  Pull her in for the first kiss and listen to her young moan into your mouth.  And, that’s when you know you’re gonna nail that pussy!

Run your man-sized fingers over her yoga pants, all the while smearing her wetness against her before… you get college girls naked.

You know she’s moaning and begging for you to get inside her with SOMETHING!  Bingo. She’s so hot now that she doesn’t care what you slide into her. She needs SOMETHING. So, go ahead and fuck her!  Drive her wild; then, walk away!  I mean, you don’t want her HOOKED on you. There’s so much young pussy out there to explore.  So, get all you can!

And, once you’ve got that hot piece of pink meat exposed to you, then is the time to go in deep.  Let her see your hard cock and let her stroke that wet head.  But, don’t let her make you squirt! Remember…YOU are in charge, Big Daddy!

Take the long-awaited plunge inside her sweetness and let the warmth envelop you.  Let her squeeze and be careful to savor the feel of her.  I mean, you may not get young meat again!  Why not give her the ride of a lifetime?  You want it so good that you’ll need to have Cell Phone Sex with her just to relive the moments while at work. Stroking under your desk trying to get a chance to get back over to the dorms before going home to wifey.

You want it and she’s got it how and wet for you.  Don’t you need to be with a girl that YOU can teach things to instead of the wife at home who CUMplains about every new thing you want to do to her; or the questions that brings about where you’ve been doing this freaky shit? LOL.  Make that barely legal teen to crave your dick just as much as you crave her pussy.

Now, stop reading from me and shut down your workday.  Auto-start your car and RUN (don’t walk) down to the parking lot.


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