My college roommate became my Bi-Cuckold started after a night of boozing it up at the frat house of Beta Chi Epsilon, but that’s not all that I treated her to.  She had been giving clues all semester that she wanted a taste of my hot pussy.  However, she would never admit it, no matter HOW often I strut my stuff around our apartment.  I HAD to make that little lying slut beg for a taste!  Moreover, she had to KNOW the power of my poonani!

How better to show her than to make her my bi-cuckold?  I knew how much she secretly LOVED Flynn so, taking him from her would be the way to go.  And since I’m totally strictly-dickly, as she believed herself to be, it was gonna be MY pleasure to show her she’s not.  Flynn is the current sitting president of the Chapter of Epsilon, but even he had secrets.

He wanted that little cunt to pay for his own reasons; furthermore, he desperately wanted me!

I thought he was hot, but I had my priorities!  And paying that little bitch back for NOT wanting me was high on my list!  It wasn’t at all about the fact that a chick denied her lezzie tendencies, it more on principal.  I mean, who in their right mind didn’t want JOEY!?  Oh, that had to stop!

So, Flynn wanted my pussy bad enough to destroy that bitches LIFE and that was fine with me.  So, Flynn invited her himself.  I could almost SEE her stupid heartbeat pick up.  I sure as hell could smell her cunt start to drip!  He even told her eXXXactly what to wear.  Poor dear, she must have thought he truly liked her…alot! Giggle.

Furthermore, my bi-cuckold fantasies would cum true!

Wonder what she’ll think when he cums to my arms tonight?  Hahaha.  He picked her up right on time, but he knew my orders were to NOT touch her.  No starting the party without me.  I arrived a little later and Flynn was on fire…for me.  But, Jax had no clue.  She thought he was finally hers!

Haughty bitch!  She strutted her admittedly hot ass up the steps to the frat house.  Let the party begin!  Flynn barely let her see the ongoing party; instead ushering her up the stairs to his suite of rooms.  The inner-sanctum where few women went.  First leading her through the bedroom, then to the bathroom for a shower. She fancied herself so that she nearly scoffed at the indication that she wasn’t clean enough.  Flynn knew she wasn’t…clean enough for me!

I entered that inner-sanctum just as Flynn was handing her a towel.

oh, but the look on her face was PRECIOUS!  Wished I had my camera at the ready, but… Flynn didn’t even ATTEMPT to hold back the wicked little laugh he let out; I barely did too.  Oh, what am I saying?  I let my laugh cum full-force.  I nearly shot a cum-bubble from my hungry cunt.

Her eyes practically plead for Flynn’s help.  Told you she was stupid!  It hadn’t yet occurred to her that he had punk’d her into this.  My, my, my.  Dumb girls have a place in this sexy world I call mine too.  Admittedly, she wouldn’t get high marks in ANYTHING, but I had uses for her.  And if Flynn played his cards right…so would he!  But, that wouldn’t be until after I’d finished with her!  Of course, I made Flynn attach the leather cuffs and ankle clamps.

My Bi-Cukold needed lessons and I’m the best teacher!

Flynn held her face to my tits, then lowered her gagging and coughing to my hot twat.  His dick grew harder with every slurp and gag.  My nipples grew nominally harder.  Remember, this little lesson was never about me wanting girls; it was always about her admitting she needed me.  That joy was priceless!

She fought it, the need, that is; but, within seconds her fight lost and so was she.  Lost in the pineapple flavors of my sweet pussy.  Her eyes opened with wild-abandon and her muted screams turned to moans of pleasure.  There, there.  She was all mine.  Flynn moved around her body to watch the show from a better vantage; her tongue shoved inside my pussy.  She never once looked up.  But, he told me later that it actually hurt his feelings momentarily until he looked at my juice-box and CUMpletely understood.

I let her get all worked up BEFORE I shoved her mouth off me.

Her tongue was still licking the AIR before she noticed I’d moved away from her.  Next, I let Flynn in so he could get what I promised him.  But, she wasn’t off the hook…yet.  I had her suck my asshole while she watched Flynn’s dick slide in and out, making me squirt!

We had fun with that whore making her get me worked up, then helping Flynn like our sex-slave! From that day forward, she STILL begs me in the middle of the night to “PLEASE, let me pleasure you, Joey. PLEASE!”  Hahaha.  I slam my bedroom door and lock it to keep her out; sometimes finding her asleep on the floor outside my door.

For someone who WASN’T into cunts, she sure does BEG well!  I’ve never once given myself to her again; choosing instead to use her as my Bi-Cuckold!

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