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public sex sabrina

Public Sex: Who Doesn’t Love it? Blogathon Chapter 3 ♕

Only very naughty girls have public sex! What is my favorite fetish?  That’s ...

Daddy spanked me

Daddy Gave My Lovely Ass a Well Deserved Spanking!

A bad girl like me needs a Daddy to discipline me! Yes, Daddy disciplined me.  ...

jerk off buddy phone sex

Jerk Off Assistance: Bunk Bed Buddies with my favorite cousin

A jerk off partnership makes a camping trip so much more fun! A camping trip tur...

tranny role play

Tranny Double Dick Suck Fest: Because Two Trannies are Better than one!

Frankie has had the pleasure of enjoying two tranny cocks in one night. My frien...

Hot Phone Sex

Sex with the Ex: My New Boyfriend Gave Me Permission!

Sex with the ex can be exciting if the current lover approves! One of my ex boyf...

ass fucking the nurse

Ass Fucking the Nurse:  A Tale of Halloween Trickery and Treats!

An ass fuck is both a trick and a treat for Jimmy! My friend Jimmy told me about...

fucking blog

Fucking My Best Friend’s Father: Seduction on a Sunday Morning!

Seducing and fucking my best friend’s dad was the last thing I expected to...

cock tease phone sex

Cock Tease: She Was Oblivious To Her Power Over the Cock!

Is an oblivious cock tease still a cock tease? My friend Amanda was getting rid ...

handcuffed fetish

Handcuffed at the mall:  I fucked my way out of jail!

Being handcuffed can turn from a scary to an erotic experience in minutes! When ...

threesome phone sex

Threesome Among Friends… Because Good Friends Always Share!

A threesome is always a good way for friends to bond! My lover Michael and my ve...

Cross dress fantasy

Cross Dress You up in My Love! His secret is finally revealed!

A surprise cross dress fetish is revealed to Steamy Sabrina. Chandler was a very...

foot lover phone sex

Foot Lover:  He Paid More Attention to My Feet Than My Pussy!

He was a genuine foot lover and made love to my sweet feet. I should have known ...

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