Sex with the ex can be exciting if the current lover approves!

One of my ex boyfriends from college sent me a message on Facebook after not having been in touch or had sex for almost ten years.  I was sitting with my lover, Edgardo when the message came in.  He noticed the stunned look on my face.

“What is it, my love?” he asked.   I explained it was my old boyfriend, Max asking how I am doing and hoping we could meet up for a drink soon.  

“Oh…” Edgardo said, “and will you meet him for a drink?”

“NO!” I said firmly.  “I’m with you now, I wouldn’t meet him for a drink.  That would be wrong.”  

“Wrong?” Edgardo looked confused.  “What’s wrong with meeting him for a drink?”  

“Well… I used to have sex with him.”  I said.  Edgardo waited for me to continue.  “I don’t know.  It doesn’t feel right.”

“Come sit here…” Edgardo patted his leg, indicating that I should sit on his lap.  “Tell me all about this Max.”

I told him how Max and I met in a poetry class and how we were instantly attracted to each other.  Edgardo asked what Max looked like and I told him:  blonde, blue eyed, tall, athletic…

Edgardo asked me how Max was in bed.  I hesitated only for a second because I realized how confident and secure Edgardo was and knew that he was genuinely interested.  I got very horny, sitting on my current lover’s lap, recalling how well a former lover had fucked me years before.  

“I think you should see him.” Edgardo said, encouragingly.  

I shook my head.  “It’s wrong.  I can’t do that to you.”  I said.

Edgardo thought for a minute.  “Invite him here for dinner.  We’ll make dinner together, serve some wine, I’ll get to know him, you can catch up…. “

I perked up, smiled and kissed Edgardo’s lips.  It was an excellent idea!  When I messaged Max back and told him the plan, he immediately agreed.

He came over for dinner that very night.  Edgardo and I made a light dinner, opened some wine and the three of us sat and talked.  Max and I caught each other up on what we have been up to in the past ten years.  After a while, the conversation shifted and before long, I was sitting there, between Edgardo and Max while they got to know each other.  I started to feel a bit left out but on the other hand I was glad that they were getting along so well.  I realized that this confirmed my excellent taste in men.  

“So, Max… tell me.” Edgardo started.  “What did you enjoy the most about Sabrina when you dated her? As far as sex.”   I looked up at him quickly and a bit suspiciously but it was obvious he wasn’t being malicious – he truly was curious.”  

I glanced over at Max and he scrunched up his eyebrows, thinking.  “I would have to say that I really do miss the way she used to suck my cock.”

“I agree.  She is an expert cock sucker.”  Edgardo said as he sipped his wine.

“Does she still do that thing with her tongue?  Wrapping it around your dick as she slides her mouth up and down?” Max asked.

“Among other wonderful things.”  Edgardo responded.  “If you miss it so much, why don’t you ask Sabrina to suck your cock right now?” He suggested this like the perfect host, as if he was offering another glass of wine.

I smiled at Edgardo then at Max, not sure where this was going to go but beginning to enjoy this line of conversation more and more.  

“I would love to… if you are sure it’s okay?”  Max said politely.  

“Yes, of course it is fine with me.” Edgar said, just as politely.  

Max smiled at me and before he could open his mouth, I stood and walked over to him, knelt in front of him and quickly pulled his cock out of his pants as he moaned.  His cock was as nice and thick as I remembered it.  I dropped my head down between his knees and began to suck his dick greedily.  His flavor and his scent were so familiar and I really started to suck him just like I used to, moving my head side to side, letting his cock hit the inside of my cheek, pulling with my lips.  When I cupped his balls in my hand, he lifted his hips and moaned loudly.

“Fuck, Sabrina!  I need to feel your warm and wet pussy right now!”  I looked back at Edgardo who had already pulled his own dick out of his pants and was slowly stroking it.  I didn’t even have to ask him if it was alright, I knew it is what he wanted to see.  I got up off of my knees, pulled my panties off and got on my knees right on the ottoman, facing Edgardo.  

Max stood  behind me and wasted no time sliding his fat cock inside my wet pussy.  I let out a gasp as he pushed it deep inside me and I bounced my ass up and down as I felt it quivering inside my tunnel.  I didn’t realize how much I missed that fabulous cock of his.

As Max thrust his cock in and out of me, Edgardo leaned forward and kissed me, his tongue feeling warm and stiff in my mouth.  I bent forward, my ass in the air, much to Max’s pleasure, and lowered my head until my mouth was over Edgardo’s thick cock.  He leaned his body back slightly and raised his hips for me, and entered my mouth completely.  He slowly fucked my mouth as he  watched me getting my pussy fucked by my ex boyfriend.  As Max pounded me faster, I sucked Edgardo faster and as soon as I felt Max give one big, final thrust, I knew he was shooting his load inside me and I began to guzzle Edgardo’s cum at the same time.

We were all still for a minute after that astounding fuck, panting hard but we soon composed ourselves and poured some more wine.  The wine and the cum flowed freely all night long.

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