Only very naughty girls have public sex!

What is my favorite fetish?  That’s not an easy question to answer.  It all depends on the mood du jour.   As many of my favorite boys know, I’m a porn addict.  I watch porn every day, several times per day.  Sometimes I just choose from the “random” category and voila!  A new favorite fetish  is born.  The type of porn I’ve been watching lately is a fetish that has been among my favorite for a lot of years, since college, actually when I first lived it out.  Public Sex.   

You want to know about my first experience with public sex, don’t you? Well, I always love a chance to talk about it.  So many years later, it still provides me with frenetic masturbation material.   Yes, I was on of “those” college girls. It was at a house party, of course.  About fifteen or so people in attendance, all of them drunk, most of them stoned, some of them on Ecstasy.   I was feeling pretty good that night and was walking around the party, flirting and kissing most of the people there, including the women.  

We were all sitting around the living room, listening to loud music and talking.  My friend Austin pulled me down onto his lap.  He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.  “You are being extra friendly tonight.  What’s up with that, girl?”  he said softly in my ear.  I adjusted my ass on his lap and kind of ground against his cock, which I discovered was rock hard in his shorts.  He let out a very soft moan and squeezed me a little tighter.  

I turned my head to face him and smiled.  “It must be the X.  I’m feeling really horny tonight.”  

Austin smiled.  “Maybe we can find a private room?  So we can be alone?” he suggested.  

I laughed.  “This is a bachelor’s apartment.  It’s this room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.”  I said.  

“Great, let’s go to the bathroom.”  He started to get up but I leaned back against him, stopping him.  

“Have you seen that bathroom?”  I asked.  “There’s about an inch of piss on the floor.  No way am I going in there, let alone getting fucked in there.”

“Well… maybe we can just be really sneaky and do it here?”  he said as he looked slyly around the room.  “Everyone is talking and not paying any attention to us.  What do you say?”  he squeezed my tit.

I looked around the room.  He was right.  It made perfect sense in my elevated state of mind.  It would be perfectly acceptable to have sex right here.  Nobody would even glance our way.  

“Yeah, okay.  Fuck me right there, then.”  I reached down under my skirt and pushed my panties to the side.  “It’s all yours, Austin.  Fuck it good.”  

Austin blinked in amazement but he sprung into action pretty quickly.  He reached into the leg of his baggy basketball shorts and whipped his dick out.  Very carefully, we maneuvered and shifted a little and when I sat back down, it was on a very large cock. I cried out a little because it felt so fucking good.   

We sat still for just a few seconds and then we started a nice little rhythmic bouncing and grinding.  We started off slowly, both of us glancing around the room surreptitiously.  After a minute, it just felt way too good.  We started to really get to some hard fucking.  

I realized all the room chatter had ceased. I glanced around and saw that all of our friends were watching us, jaws dropped.  Some of them were smiling, some of them were covering their eyes, some of them looked appalled and some of them started cheering us on.  

I think that Austin and I realized at the same time that there was no use trying to be covert about this any longer.  He stood up, getting us both on our feet.  I felt him push my head forward and I immediately grabbed my ankles.  He held my hips firmly and started pounding away at my tight little pussy, grunting loudly the whole time.  

A few of our friends got up to stand around us, getting a close look.  I heard others clapping and chanting, egging us on.  I glanced up and saw all of their faces watching us and it turned me on to know that we were giving them a live public sex show.

After we both orgasmed, there were cheers and high fives and the party just resumed as normal.   I grabbed another beer and stood with Austin and we laughed together about the spectacle we created.  That’s when we noticed a young blonde teenager approach us, with her iPhone in her hand.  It was Olivia, one of our friend’s younger sister.  “Great show, guys.”  I looked her up and down.  For such a young thing, she looked like a pretty experienced slut.  

We watched as she played with her phone for a minute then held it up for us to see.  “This is my favorite part, I think.”  She turned the phone over so that could see ourselves in all our glory, sweating and hard fucking close up.

Austin and I both reached for the phone but Olivia was quicker.  “Delete that shit now!” I said in my toughest voice.  She smiled and shook her head no.  “I think I might upload it on the internet tonight.  Amateur porn is really hot right now.”

Austin and I looked at each other, horrified.  “You can’t make that public,” I said, in a pleading voice.  “People will SEE it!”

Olivia laughed.  “That’s kind of the point.”  She went back to watching our video on her phone, with an evil smile on her face.  Austin looked at me and gave me an “I’ll take care of this” look.

“Hey, you don’t have to be such a little bitch about this.  Just delete it, okay?  I’ll give you whatever you want.”  he said. Olivia looked up at him and raised her eyebrow.

“It’s going to cost you.  Big time,”  she said.

“We’ll do anything,” I said.

“I wasn’t talking to you,”  she answered, not taking her eyes off Austin.  “You have a car, right?  There’s a place you can take me now and then we’ll talk about our little deal.  We’ll see if you really mean what you say when you say you’ll give me whatever I want.”

Austin agreed and they left.  Olivia gave me a very evil grin before she left with him.

Austin didn’t answer my texts for a week and when I finally saw him on campus I asked him what happened and if everything was resolved.  His face reddened and he said the video was deleted but he wouldn’t tell me what he had to do for Olivia.  He simply turned and walked away.  To this day I have no idea what price he had to pay for our public sex act.

Maybe Olivia will tell us…

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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