Mark’s wife brought home a delicious helping of cream pie!

My friend Mark called me the other day and told me he felt very conflicted about something his wife Stacey had just done to him.  He wasn’t sure how he should feel about it.   “My wife just fed me a cream pie,” he said, “and it was her boss’s jizz!”  

He explained that his wife had come home a few hours early from work.  She was in a pretty good mood and he was glad.  Lately, she had been coming home, stressed out, grumpy and complaining about her job.  Today, her mood was elevated and she seemed happy and optimistic.

“I’ve been getting along better with Lester.”  she explained.  Lester was her boss.  He was a middle aged, very large black man with a booming voice and a very intimidating manner.  Mark was always a bit nervous around him and felt like less of a man when he stood by Lester.  

“I’m glad, honey.  That’s a good thing, you know.  To get along with the boss.”  Mark gave her a little hug and caught a whiff of men’s cologne on her, but he dismissed it quickly.

“I’ve had to do extra things for him.” Stacey said.  “To get on his good side.”  

Mark nodded and waited for further explanation.  When Stacey didn’t elaborate he pressed her.  “What sort of extra things?” he asked.

Stacey giggled and shook her head.  “You’re not going to like it.”  She put his hand on her panties and he felt the wetness on the crotch.  

Mark was puzzled.  “I don’t get it.”

Stacey sighed and stood up, lifting her dress and showing Mark her damp panties.  “Mark, I’ve been the sole bread winner around here while you just sit around all day doing nothing and I’m sick of it.”  she complained.

“What are you talking about? I work!” Mark replied indignantly.

“You’re a blogger! It’s not a steady income and I feel like you take advantage of me.  Well, now I have to do what is best for my career and that means fucking my boss!”  she shouted.

Mark blinked, shocked at what he had just heard.

“He gave me a raise AND a bonus.” Stacey continued, pulling her panties off.  “He is going to take care of me and if you want to stay married to me, you’re going to have to contribute.  If I have to fuck the boss, you have to do your part.”  

“What do you mean?”  Mark was still not over the fact that his wife had just admitted to cheating on him.  

“If I have to take his cum inside of my pussy, YOU’RE the one who has to clean up after me.  Eat the cream pie, Mark!”  She spread her pussy lips open and he saw the glob of cum on her pussy lips, a gooey cream pie that she saved just for him.

“Eat the cream pie?” Mark began to protest.  “I’m not going to eat anyone’s cream pie, Stacey!  You can forget it!”  

“Either eat the cream pie, or pack your shit and go!”  Stacey said firmly, approaching Mark with her pussy lips spread open.  He knew she meant business.

He loved her and didn’t want to lose her.  He dropped to his knees and leaned his head towards that sloppy cream pie.  He hesitated and she pushed his face into her pussy.  The smell of Lester’s cum was pungent but not completely unpleasant.  Mark was surprised to feel a twitching in his balls as he tasted the bitterness of the cream pie.  He felt the gooiness on his tongue and began to slurp and suck it out of her.  There was so much! He gulped it down and pushed his lips around until he was sure she was completely cleaned up.

“Very good.”  she said, dropping her dress back down.  “You had better get used to that, Mark.  I’m going back to work now and I’ll be home late.  Be ready to eat your next helping of cream pie!”

Mark happily did as he was told.  He was an excellent team player!

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