When I was in my early teens, my parents used to send me away to the farm of a cousin and I liked it very much, I got to play with the baby animals and learn about all kinds of things. I also really liked this cousin of mine. He was a year older than I was and since he lived on a farm and I did not, he saw animals mating all the time and he’d tell me this sparked his curiosities about sex a lot earlier than most.


Once when we were walking around we saw some mating and he asked me if I’d like to try that with him. I was pretty young and didn’t seem that shocked by it, so I said sure. We went up to the hay in the barn and he’d do all kinds of things to me. He told me to suck on his cock, that it felt really good and I didn’t mind it, I was surprised when he came in my mouth though, I wasn’t expecting a mouthful of that! He licked my pussy and it felt so tickly, yet I really enjoyed it.


He then told me to lay over one of the hay bales he’d laid a blanket over on my tummy and he’d fuck me. I was fine with the other things he’d done to me, so I did as he asked and he fucked me from behind and it hurt a bit at first, but I liked it a lot and every afternoon almost we’d sneak off to that hay loft and fuck our brains out. His parents never seemed to catch on, I think they honestly just had so much work to do, they couldn’t keep track of us, but we would play all the time.

There was a creek behind the barn and we’d go skinny dipping there sometimes and it felt wonderful in the summer heat to have that cool, bubbling water all over us as we’d kiss in the water and let our hand roam and often get each other off with our hands as well. My summers at the farm, five or six of them, we played so much and never tired of each other. I think the farm hands might have guessed what we were up to, the way they’d look at us and smirk, but no one ever said anything and we made each other cum every chance we had.

One night after his parents were asleep, we snuck outside and went for a walk under the stars and made love on a blanket he’d brought and it was so beautiful to do it fully outside like that. He fucked my young pussy so well and always made sure I got off as many times as I wanted and needed to. I loved sucking that sweet cock of his and he liked a titty fuck as well once in a while, there wasn’t one part of each other’s bodies we didn’t explore and make feel good. I still think about him and masturbate to this day thinking of some of our hot summers together growing up.