Types of Taboo fetishes! What is your favorite kinky fetish?

Types of Taboo fetishes! What is your favorite kinky fetish? I was thinking a lot about fetishes and which ones are my favorite. Because let’s face it there are so many how can you just choose one favorite. So I thought I would tell you my top 5 all-time favorite fetishes and kinks that drive me crazy. If you are into Foot fetish and more I would love to hear all about your favorite kinks that get you off and when you go shopping for a kinky phone girl what do you look for! I know together we can take our fetishes to the next level!

My first favorite fetish that just makes my pussy dripping wet is Daddy daughter role play. But There is just something about daddy sneaking around behind mommies back to fuck his sweet baby girls tight wet pussy. I just love knowing daddy is going to do naughty things to me! My second favorite fetish is Gangbang fantasies. I have always loved the Idea of being fucked by ten guys and pounded and cum filled. I want to be so cum filled that it flows out like a waterfall. My pussy gets dripping wet when I think about being forced to do it too, I love a good gang rape fantasy!

My third favorite fetish is cum… I know what you must be thinking that was a bit vague right? Well, what I mean is I literally love it anywhere and everywhere I can get it. There is nothing better than a huge creampie or a mouth full of cum after giving a hot guy a sloppy Blowjob.

Types of Fetishes, These are my favorite naughty fetishes!

Fourth but surely not least I have a foot fetish, however, it’s not like you would think. I truly enjoy the Idea of giving someone a really good footjob or just pleasuring someone with my perfectly pedicured feet. It might just be that I like to have the attention directed at any part of my body but I truly enjoy a good game of footsie and so much more! Plus I spend enough on high heels… Shouldn’t you notice them? Lastly, my final favorite fetish on the top five list is Double penetration. I masturbate often to the idea of having two cocks deep inside my pussy, Imagining them rubbing against each other inside of me just makes me wet.

If you ever wanna play out any of my fantasies call me I would love to have amazing phone sex with you!

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