So you’ve got a humiliation fetish.

Is there really anything worse? Wanting to be debased by others to get you off, craving for someone to force you into things you’d never do of your own free will. Having that intense desire to become aroused by thoughts and situations that are deeply demeaning and even degrading. It seems like your humiliation fetish becomes more and more intense as you practically beg to be put in your place.

It’s not that it’s a horrible fetish to have, but it’s not the easiest by any means. Today I’ve got a few erotic scenes where I explore the humiliation fetish. So get comfortable and read on for some fun fetish edge play!

The Big Black Bull with a 10 inch Cock

For all my cuckolds, I’ve got a special treat! A big fat black cock, stuffed right down your hot wife’s throat! You can see the outline of his big black dick as he fucks it down your hot wife’s throat. There’s this insane look in your hot wife’s eyes that says she has never had such a huge cock before! It’s so huge she can’t do anything but be completely entranced by it. Her hand is absentmindedly stroking her tight little pussy, trying to prepare it for that big black monster dick. He’s a well-built stud, and he easily flips your hot wife over on the bed. He pulls her legs apart and like a real man, he forces his huge slab of man meat into your hot wife’s tight cunt.

She is instantly humping herself on his big cock, begging him to never stop fucking her. In just a few minutes she is reaching orgasm, the kind you’ve never been able to give her. Her entire body is shaking as she pleads for her him to stuff her pussy with more of his cock, and then you hear it, she is begging him to cum inside her! What? Did you hear that right, your  beautiful hot wife asking this big manly bull to breed her with his big black cock?

But you know the big kicker, is that after he’s done unloading his superior seed into your hot wife’s pussy, you’re going to clean it up! Your hot wife will come over and give you a sweet kiss, before whispering in your ear that her new bull made a huge sticky mess and she needs help cleaning it up. It’s at the heart of your humiliation fetish, being so inferior that you’re a sperm clean up boy for your wife’s cunt.

I Promise Not To Show Your Wife Those Pictures!

Oh my sweet perverted fans of blackmail! It’s so incredibly amusing how you give me and other women the opportunity to have that kind of control over you. I mean, what would your wife think if she saw the things we did together? Or what about the embarrassing things you do for me, like the weekly allowance you’ve been instructed to transfer to my account every Wednesday by noon or else your wife will see those pretty pink tutu’s I made you wear while you licked my hot red heels. Or the audio tape where you admit to your wife that you get so hot and turned on by the idea of fucking her tight young college age sister that you would do anything her little sister asked. Even being her little bitch for a day, crawling around and picking things up with your mouth like a dog.

The fact of the matter is you’ve got an intense blackmail fetish and you call me every week begging to be teased with the idea of me controlling incriminating pictures, video and audio of all the perverted things you’ve done and beg for me to do to you!

My Pink Dungeon of Desperation and Denial

For all my most pathetic toys out there, I’ve got a pretty pink dungeon waiting for you. In my dungeon you will not wear clothes unless I pick them out. Mostly I favor lacey panties and tights and little frilly skirts. You must call me Mistress Emma, while you will be known as pathetic, worthless, inferior, or my little subbie Susan. You aren’t worthy of a real name here, because you’re nowhere near equal to me. That’s why you spend so much time under my feet. Kissing them, licking them, whining and begging for me to touch you with them. I make you stand in the corner and wait your turn, while I cum by myself or with others who aren’t as inferior as you. Does it hurt a little? That you aren’t worth anything to me but the time you’re providing for me to use you as my own pathetically humiliating entertainment?

This dungeon is pink because it’s for pussies like you, and it’s a dungeon of denial because you’ll never be anything but a denied prissy bitch here. If I decide to let you cum, it will be in a pair of thigh high stockings and a purple frilly skirt, and you’ll be forced to cum all over yourself and wear it for the rest of the day. If you miss, and your sticky cum makes a mess on my floor, you’ll lick it up like a pathetic little bitch. Dirty messy boys are clean up boys though, so you’ll have to be prepared to clean a lot more than just my floors from now on!

This is just a snippet of what I enjoy when it comes to humiliation fetish.

Tell me, what kinds of humiliation do you enjoy?

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