Sex offender registry, It’s like shopping for a kinky date.

Sex offender registry, Its like shopping for a kinky date. I know I am a very kinky girl but after I thought of this I realized what a naughty cock loving whore I really am! So I am sure all of you have heard of the sex offender registry or have been on it to see the local offenders. Wouldn’t it be fun if I used said registry to find kinky men not only willing to manhandle me but get what they need out of it too! Taboo is always the best!

I decided to make it one lucky pedo’s day! Putting my hair in piggy tails and little pink bows. So then I did my make up just right so that it would make me look even younger than I already do. I put on a cute yellow sundress and a pair of white flats and I decided to pick my lucky pedo. I looked for the best looking older man I could find on the registry who went after the youngest girl. Finding Mr.Right I decided to put a blow pop in my mouth and walk about two blocks down to his house. I pranced up to his walkway practically skipping like a giddy little kid. Knocking on the door I could hear his footsteps inside.

Sex offender registry, Its like shopping for a kinky date.

He opened the door and his eyes went wide immediately. “Excuse me, sir, can I borrow a cup of sugar,” I asked in the sweetest voice possible. Sucking on my lolly I looked up at him with sweet eyes. “can I come in?” I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. He hurried me inside looking around behind me. I knew at that moment he was going to do naughty things to me. So when he came in the house he brought me to the kitchen trying to busy himself with finding the sugar I asked for. I stopped him, sliding my body really close to his, completely invading his space and whispered in his ear. ” Want to rape my tight wet pussy?” I grabbed his cock as I said pussy.

I gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Call me lets have kinky I would love to satisfy your foot fetish too! My pussy is dripping wet just waiting for you to cum play with it!

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