Smoking Fetish: My mouth is always longing for something long and stiff.

Finding myself getting a little too involved in a trifecta romance, I decided it was time to take a smoke break from Vanessa and Miguel. The Whisky and Cigar bar in my part of town was holding their monthly Smoking Fetish night, I figured jazzy-hot couples, a few glasses of cognac, and a cigarillo would be perfect. I closed my eyes, grabbing and flipping through my little black book, I slammed my finger down on a page. Upon opening my eyes, I could see the name Steve under it. OOH, fun. Steve, has an insatiable desire and is a great fuck.

Meeting at 8 we decided to take an Uber. The sexual tension in the air was so thick I think the driver was turned on.

The smells of sweet grass and the light muffle of sexy conversations were dancing around us, swirling with the light jazz-tech the DJ was mixing. I love classy joints and I especially love sexually free people. Every single person here was trying to fill their oral fixation. Whether it was tobacco rolls, whiskey sours or pussy, oral sex on the menu.

Earlier in the day, I called and made a reservation. Steve and I were tucked away in the back corner where we could see everything but “every-thing” couldn’t see us.

 Dancing over to our booth, I caught sight of a girl I knew, Carrie. She was tall, dark and mysterious, long and voluptuous. Her piercing red lips curled up on the edges, shooting me a lippy smile and wink. I motioned for her to come over and join us; excusing herself from the table she was at, she grabbed her cocktail and sashayed over. Sliding in close to me, she grabbed my thigh, softly landing a deep, wet kiss on my welcoming mouth, “Hey there hot stuff, long time no yummies.“

She softly ran her fingers over my pussy. Steve got a glimpse of her play and his cock started swelling in his pants. Tonight was going to be exciting.

With our plates, the waitress sauntered by, I had doubled mine.  The selection consisted of a cigar of choice, a beverage, small ashtray, also a few Tapas.

“So, who’s your friend Jazmin, he’s a babe,” Carrie reaching over and grabbing his dick through his pants. “Ooh, and fit too I see. How succulent.”

At this point, Carrie was rubbing Steve’s cock and massaging my clit. After the waitress dropped off our goodies, Steve dropped under the table and slid his tongue in between my panties and lips, lighting my cigar as I leaned back and enjoyed the pleasure. He started massaging his lips around my clit, sucking deep and quick. Reaching up and sliding his fingers into Carrie’s wet pussy. She began to kiss the side of my neck, grabbing my breasts. Looking around, the Smoking Fetish theme was in full effect, the bar was one big orgy.

Whether it’s a smoking fetish, an oral sex fixation or you want to satisfy your fantasies of me massing your cock on my soft, magic, pussy.

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