I am Jazmin, a sex kitten who loves oral sex and wild naked fun.

Oral sex, whether giving or receiving just the thought of your hot lips on my clit gets me wet. What is it about a hot wet mouth all over my naked body that makes me want to just erupt? EVERYTHING!

One time I remember when I was a young girl, I stole a porno out of my parent’s room called crazy sex stories and as I watched the hot cock harden, my nipples got just as hard. He rubbed his throbbing penis with one hand as he dove his mouth into the lush, pulsing pussy of this beautiful goddess, I wasn’t sure what oral sex was then, I couldn’t help but feel the warmth of my own as I started to rub my fingers across my wet lips. Moaning and sucking is all I could hear from the television. The excitement was so overwhelming and electrifying that my pussy saturated my fingers as I watched him make her cum.

Finding Fulfillment, I knew from then on I just had to find someone to suck my clit for me, this oral fantasy was a fixation in my thoughts.

 One, that I would turn to over and over again over the years. Not long ago, I ran into an old high school friend at the local store and as soon as we made eye contact, I knew I needed him to make me cum. His lips glistened wickedly as a smile stretched across his face, asking me how I had been. I suggested to him he should stop by for some wine or just some time to catch up. Could see the twinkle in his eye and the shape of his cock starting to show through his pants… I knew we were going to have fun!
We exchanged information, all the while my pussy was dreaming of his lips on me.

Surprises Cum in all Shapes in Sizes

I was only a little bit surprised night when he called me that I threw on my best silk panties and nightie and broke out my bottle of red. I wanted it to be classy, subtle and romantic. The doorbell rang and as I opened the door, I could feel the heat exchange between our bodies. I let him in and went to grab the wine, but he was here for something else other than wine,  He came up behind me and kissed me on my neck, grabbing my nipples between his fingers and caressing my breast together.

 He whispered, “ I want to taste you.”

I turned to look in his eyes as his hands slid down my waist to my firm, round cheeks, spreading them ever so softly. Then, sliding one hand in between my thighs, we backed up to the wall. I could feel his fingers sliding in between my wet pussy lips. So I dropped to my knees, unbuttoning his pants. I needed his cock, it was throbbing. So big and needy, calling for me to wrap my red, moist lips around it. Sliding softly back and forth, warm and wet. I could feel it getting hotter with every motion and moan, my tongue curling and sipping the tip.  Magic was happening and I needed him to taste me, my pussy needed to cum for him.

My desire for oral sex was almost more than I could handle.

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