Size queens is transformed into a  big cock cum dumpster

Size queens are always on the lookout for big cocks to stretch their pussies out. I’ve been a size queen since I lost my virginity to a 9.5-inch cock when I was 16. Tonight, this size queen is going to take on the ultimate big cock challenge and take on two of the biggest cocks I have ever seen.

Last week I was insanely horny and decided to hit one of my favorite LA bars in search of the big cock that I craved.

To my infinite delight, I managed to find two big cocks to fill my carnal, size queen cravings. Jeff and his BFF Will are in town on business,  looking for something exciting to do while they were in town. At 6’3 and 6’5 respectively. I knew that at least one of these guys would be able to quench my size queen’s thirst for big cocks. After a few drinks and some flirting, I invited the guys back to my place to see one of the most magnificent sights in LA; Me!

The drinking and flirting continued at my place.

As I was setting up another round I told Jeff that I am an insatiable size queen, and asked him how big his cock was. Jeff smiled at me and said that he was 10.5-inches and as thick as a Red Bull can. I tried to play it cool, but I know my eyes bulged out of my skull when Jeff told me about his big cock. As Jeff and I talked, Will came into the kitchen. He had overheard our conversation and wanted me to know that his cock was 12-inches and as thick as a soda can. My jaw fell to the floor when Will told me how big he was. I knew finding two big strapping men at the bar would net me at least one big cock, but the thought of two big cocks sent my pussy dripping.

Right when I was ready to drop to my knees and demand Will and Jeff turn me into a big cock cum whore.

It dawned on me that these guys could be lying about their size. Sadly it wouldn’t be the first time that I wrongfully assumed that a man over 6ft tall would have the big cock that I constantly crave. To make sure that these guys could give me the big cocks I want. I demanded that Jeff and Will go into my bedroom, drop their pants and show me the goods!

Jeff went first. I was absolutely delighted to see him pull out a big cock that was as long and still as two Red Bull cans. The sight of his cock made my mouth water. Will went next and I almost passed out when he pulled out his gigantic 12-inch cock monstrosity. For a size queen like me, having two big cocks in my bed is a dream come true! I dropped to my knees and gobbled up Will’s 12-inch cock monster like a woman who hasn’t eaten in a week. Jeff got on his knees behind me, spread my ass cheeks, and began to devour my pussy and my asshole.

Having Will’s massive cock down my throat sent waves of sweet pussy juice into Jeff’s mouth.

Jeff stopped tongue my ass and laid down on the bed. His 10.5-inch cock was standing straight up and was glistening with pre-cum. I spread my ass and lowered my tight asshole onto Jeff’s hard cock. Once I got Jeff into my ass I laid back and let Will spread my legs over his shoulders.  Slowly slid his 12-inch cock into my hungry, wet snatch. I sucked air and moaned as Jeff and Will pumped their massive cocks into me. I reached down and began rubbing my clit as they drilled both of my holes. So I could feel their cocks throbbing inside of me and my pussy gushed at the thought of being a cum whore for two big throbbing cocks.

Jeff was pinching my nipples and kissing my neck as he dumped his load into my hot asshole. Feeling Jeff cum up my ass, made my pussy squirt as Will dumped his load into my dripping cunt. As Jeff and Will slid their cocks out of me I could feel their hot loads of cum dripping out of me. I went out tonight hoping to score with one big cock. But the gods of sex decided to give me two. After tonight I can honestly say that there is no greater feeling than being a cum dumpster for two big cocks.

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