Latina Cuckold: An experience at the Swingers Den is something I have always wanted to achieve.

Latina Cuckold – So when this sexy latina came into town, I was hopeful of what was yet to come. Vanessa was her name and she had a body women dream of, a thick booty, perky latina tits and the curves of a viper. “Soy Columbiana.”

When she would introduce herself, she would always tell people where she was from. Offering a wink and a swirl of her tongue. I would always fantasize of sucking on that tongue, curious if it was as spicy as it looked.

Vanessa invited me to a Latina Cuckold party recently at The Swingers Den.

Arriving at 12 am we rushed in, hoping we did not miss a thing.  As we entered the dark room, we were handed a mask and asked to give up our belongings. The lights were red and violet and often had fabric over them to diffuse the light further.  Sounds of pleasure mixed with the scent of sex filled the atmosphere. Vanessa had come with her husband who was exquisitely handsome and the thought of the two of them was driving me wild.

Casually walking past, they led us to a room where there were some men massaging their cocks, gazing lustfully at the action taking place in the center of the room.   A couple, deep in a hard sex session, the man pounding the woman’s pussy making her moan in primal bliss. He pulled her arms back going in deeper and deeper, searching for her center.  You could tell by her moans and the look in her eyes, she wanted that cock.

Sitting down to watch the show, Vanessa whispered to me, “ My husband likes to watch me fuck other men. I want to watch him fuck you.”

Her husband was a luscious Venezuelan man with dark skin and lips that I could imagine engulfing my clit nicely.

Vanessa walked over and took one of the men by his hand, guiding him to the cushions in the middle of the room. Signaling to her husband and me, she motioned for me to eat her pussy, as she needed some oral sex. I gave in, wagging my tongue swiftly and softly around her clit. I was about to be a part of the hottest latina cuckold ever.

Sucking on her, I could not help but reach down and start stroking that throbbing cock. She lifted her body from my mouth and made me rest next to her husband.

The man’s thick, throbbing cock slid deep into her pussy as he let out a sound of pure ecstasy. She squatted slowly, her vagina swallowing his juicy cock with every downward thrust. Her husband grabbed me and laid me on my stomach, pulling my ass into the air, spreading it and entering just the head of his dick; teasing me. He wanted to fuck me and watch his wife. I was so wet that I couldn’t help but slam his cock into my aching pussy. It felt like a dream.

Leaning in, she guided the stranger behind her as he wrapped one hand softly around her neck, the other slapping her ass.

Letting out a sigh of passion, she landed her mouth on mine. Her kiss so decadent, so sensual as I sucked and slurped at her lips and tongue.  Venezuela grabbed my hair, pulling my head back; I could feel him slide in as I rubbed my clit. He used the other had to grab my breast and grind in deep. Vanessa was riding the stranger’s cock, rolling her hips and massaging her pussy against him with every roll.

“Que Rico,” she whispered.

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