Lesbian Sex Story: An After Party for Two.  After Vanessa threw me into her Latina Cuckold fantasy full force

Vanessa threw me into her Latina Cuckold fantasy full force. We were fucking all night and not a drop was wasted. However, I found out after leaving The Den that she had other plans. This is where our lesbian sex story begins to unfold.

We all left the Swingers Den with what I felt was a new lust for each other. Miguel’s cock filling me up and his magic tongue making me cum multiple times. We were hot and sexed up; you could see the steam rolling off our bodies as we jumped into the SUV and headed back to her and Miguel’s place. The night had turned into day and I could tell Vanessa was still ready to go. As we got into the car, she pulled me into the back seat with her, making her husband drive. Looking into her chocolate eyes, I couldn’t help myself; I began kissing her passionately. She slid her fingers into my panties and started massaging my clit.

“So, how did you like fucking my husband? I loved watching you two. I liked watching his cock thrust in and out of your pussy. Although I was getting fucked, I couldn’t stop thinking about you riding my face the whole time.”

Feeling her fingers rubbing my pussy, she continued whispering her fantasies about us in my ear. All this time I had known Vanessa, she had wanted to be my lesbian lover. Her husband wasn’t worried about us having a lesbian sex story as long as he could be our Prince Charming. Personally, between his huge cock and Vanessa’s need for my body, I didn’t mind the thought of them ravishing me from time to time.

Vanessa couldn’t wait until we got home. Pushing me up against the backseat window and spreading my legs open, she slid her tongue between my luscious lips, twirling it on my clit. Continuing to suck on my pussy, I could feel my juices filling her mouth. Squeezing my legs around her neck as I let out an intense roar of pleasure. Cumming all over her face, it took some time before I came back down from the cloud I was on. She was better at this than her husband.

Miguel pulled into the driveway and Vanessa and I regained our composure just enough to rush into her large master bedroom, giggling and panting like little girls.

Miguel came in and started the large jacuzzi in the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of champagne, filling two glasses and setting them and the bottle next to it; Vanessa and I jumped in. Her breasts were round and buoyant, her areolas the perfect color of cafe. I started sucking on her nipples and pressing my body against hers. Looking over the tub, she reached into what she called her “pleasure box”; she pulled out a giant rubber cock with a belt attached to it.

“Ever used one of these?” She asked with a sly little smile.

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