Weird Sex Fetish: The Phantom’s Lair

Weird sex fetish messages fill my imagination constantly: foot fetishes, smoking fetishes, panty fetishes, and my favorite, oral. After the other evening of exploring my smoking fetish, I felt I should expand my horizons and look into the other weird sex fetish nights that are becoming so popular. It is true what they say, the freaks do come out at night.

At any rate, what a splendid time to find a savory weird sex fetish menu. Halloween had just passed and I cannot help but share the night’s endeavors. Choosing to fulfill another weird sex fetish of mine, I adventured solo looking for a master to enslave me. Walking through the streets, masked and lascivious, proved to be a recipe for satisfaction. I was getting into mischief this night and my body tingling with excitement; No one knowing who I was, was exhilarating

Making eye contact with the Phantom of bouncers, I decided his door would be the first to enter. The music echoing out into the street was sultry and calling to my bones.

Approaching the door I discreetly grabbed him by the cock, as I whispered in his ear, “I want to feel that later.”

Maneuvering me through the front door he responded, “ I have a 2-hour break in 15 minutes, meet me in the corner by the DJ.”
Not only was this just what I was looking for – a stranger, but he was displaying a strength that could handle a cougar and I needed taming.

Strolling by the bar, I grabbed a double Gin and Tonic, which took well over 15 minutes. My pussy eager to find it’s stranger, I quickly made my way to the DJ booth. Simultaneously, as the straw hit my lips I felt an arm slip around my waist and another cover my mouth; in turn, dropping the glass.

“You’re late,” The Phantom’s voice boomed, entering into my skin, chills rolling over every follicle. “We have no time to waste, I must devour you now”

Slipping away into a dark red-lit room, my instant panic turned to a full body heat. Lucky for him, my leather ensemble zipped on all my pleasure points. Seizing me by my arms and chaining me to the chamber walls, he unzipped my pussy and began devouring it, slowly freeing my breasts. The Phantom was wasting no time mounting me, slamming his cock into my vagina, pushing me forward onto the padded walls. Moaning and purring, I felt my pussy grabbing for his giant cock as he came in behind like a wild animal.

He could feel my whole body engaging him with each penetration, my tits bouncing in rhythm to his thrusts.

To the left, a row of toys for spanking and other submissive delights lay in wait. Grabbing a tiny tassel-whip, he began punishing me while continuously driving his cock into my saturated pussy. Abruptly turning me around, he began sucking and biting on my voluptuous breast; binding me in pure pleasure. I could feel myself begin to climax, my pussy was about to cum all over his throbbing cock.

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