I have amazing, bad, horrible, scary, etc college sex stories.

And I wouldn’t take any experience back for nothing in the world because all had there own special attribute to my life. Anybody knows that being a college student is hard enough and all of the school work and raging hormones. It’s a wonder that some of us make it out of school at all. To be honest the main thing that helped keep my spirits up was the sex games I love to indulge in. And the sex stories that come from those games will never get old.

When I started there I made a really good guy friend. He was bi, about 6’4”, tan, light eyes,  big hands. Just put it this way, the guy was delicious. Mine and his conversations were barely ever about school. He loved to talk about sex and this sweet young girl loved to listen. After a while, I started to experience those stories he told with him.

One that really caught my attention at first was his keen liking to pantyhose and thigh high stockings.

He has this crazy pantyhose fetish and tells me in details about the different things that can be done with them. He says that the pantyhose are for him and the thigh high stockings are for the other person. How can that be right? That afternoon while we relaxed in my room I asked him about it again. He just looked at me and said get naked.

I got completely naked as well as did he. We both search for a pair of thigh high stockings and pantyhose for each of us. But before I could put them on He told me to lay down with my legs open. He put on the thigh high stockings a came over to the bed right in front of me. He instructed me to close my eyes and as I did I felt him lower his body onto mine.

His leg in between mine and that stocking covered leg rubbing against my clit. I started to shiver with excitement and couldn’t stop. The feeling of the nylon rubbing against my pussy, slow at first and then faster get me so much more of a rush. Watching his leg get covered in my sweet juices was an amazing sight itself that gave me such a climax that I squirted.

**Stay tuned for the second part of this story**

Do you love nylons as much as I do? Have you ever taken the time to explore that wonderful side of sexual excellence? You really should. I’m here to help guide you through it. With my experiences and way more to share with you my sex stories. furthermore, It’s great fetish phone sex for the nylons lovers I have


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