Let’s continue Part 3 of one of my college sex stories.

I and my friend were grinding and rubbing on each other. Having the best nylon play I’ve ever had to that point in my life. Also of all of my college sex stories. Then my boyfriend’s face timed me, but instead of getting mad he starts to stroke his cock. Savagely looking at the movements of my friend and I that lay on the floor, while he stroked his cock.

Of course, everyone in this situation hormones were about to explode. My friend then looks at me and says to invite him over. He says it loud enough for my boyfriend to hear it. Lester which is the name of my boyfriend at the time, instantly replies with a yes.

I’m so excited that I get to have my two favorite things. Hard cocks and nylons. Lester only lived in the apartment across the street so he was there in an instant. Once he came into my apartment he started taking off his clothes.

We started on the floor but once we knew another was coming we got on the bed. Once naked Lester stared at our pantyhose and asked what did we have them on for. The put a smile on my friend’s mouth. He leaped up with a quick ‘let me help you’ directed at my boyfriend.

Getting Lester Ready!

The whole time he helped Lester put the pantyhose on, Lester had this puzzled look on his face. Once on I cut the hole in the crotch for him the right way and corrected ours because we kind of messed it up. Now that everything was aligned the right way the action started back up. My friend dropped to his knees and took my boyfriend in his mouth while I laid on the bed and started to play with my pussy.

It was so fucking hot watching him suck my boyfriends cock like that. My boyfriend then stood him up so that he could do the same to him. I’ve never known my boyfriend to like men but I didn’t care at the moment. He sucked his cock like he knew exactly what to do.

We all know the nasty, kinky things that took place after their introductions to each other. My favorite part was when I had my friend my ass good anal play and my boyfriend was jerking his cock in my stocking while he watched my friend fuck me.

As far as I know after that my boyfriend got hooked to nylon play as well as cock. Of course, we all had our fun. I most definitely have more college sex stories because we all know how wild us college girls are.


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