Alt Sex Stories: My Erotic, Supernatural Encounter in Alaska – Part I

Alt sex stories that are submitted by my favorite callers are always welcome! So big thanks to Mr. S— for this wonderful piece of supernatural erotic literature!

Anchorage, Alaska, is a mysterious town that had its birth in the Klondike gold rush. Its entire existence sprung from the emotions of greed and lust. Built during a time of chaos and lawlessness, most hotels and bars started as brothels and saloons. I guess if the lines between the realms of supernatural and mortal were to blur, they would probably be weakest here, where the ties between the basest human emotions are so closely tied to the history and the land.

Of course that was not what was on my mind in the second week of a business trip. After a night out, a number of beers and a few lap dances, my thoughts were on other things. I was lying in my hotel bed perusing through enticing alt sex stories and videos online. One in particular grabs my attention.

A man is tied to the bed. A sexy redhead is between his legs.

She grips the base of his cock tightly while slowly licking the underside of the shaft. A blonde sits next to him using her forefinger to rub the oozing pre-cum over the head of his cock until it glistens. She uses her fingernail to pull the last from the slit and rubs it in.

“Please make me come,” he begs. They laugh as I feel my cock harden. Out of all the stories about sex I’ve watched, this one certainly has a distinctive mysteriously erotic flair like nothing I’ve encountered before.

The redhead responds, “Honey, this is our first threesome. You wouldn’t want it to be over so soon, would you?” He groans in obvious frustration. She moves up and takes the blonde’s nipple into her mouth. The busty blonde moans and slowly runs her thumb over his cock as she carries on enjoying the lips and tongue on her nipple.

I mimic her movements with my own thumb on my cockhead. “Mmmmm, I would give my soul to be teased like that just once,” I mutter to myself.

Suddenly the lights seem to dim and the temperature seems to drop.

Frost hangs in front of my face as if the last words themselves linger in the air. The closet door slams open but it’s not my clothes I see. A swirling pulsing blackness oozes from the opening to the floor and ceiling spreading along the wall as well. I spring from the bed and grab my pants in the chair. Something snaps tight around my neck!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Mr. S—‘s alt sex stories and call me for the best and hottest fetish phone sex!

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