I Seduced a Young Boy With Erotic Literature in the Bookstore!

Erotic literature has always caught my attention. Most people think it’s just about sex but honestly there’s soooo much more to it! You just need to look deeper into the stories and let yourself drown in the moment… Or at least drown in a puddle of cum.

 Every Wednesday I walk over to a small thrifty bookstore and read some of the most erotic sex stories I’ve ever read in my life. One day, while I was going through the erotica section, I noticed a young boy nervously browsing the same section.

He was cute and the way he was darting glances at both the books (and my boobs), I could tell he was new to erotic literature.

I thought about helping him find what he was looking for – after all why not – I hadn’t had any cock in a few days – and this boy looked like he was, well, still just a boy. Fresh young meat.

So I casually strutted over to him in my cut-off jean shorts and boots and asked him what he was looking for.

Sure enough, he was pretty nervous. Maybe it was me, or maybe it was because he’d been caught red-handed in the risqué section of the bookstore. Who knows. But his eyes got bigger and he started stuttering something about finding something for his cousin. Or his sister. Well, maybe not his sister but –

I cut him off and laughed sweetly. “Sweetheart, trust me – I truly appreciate boys who enjoy exploring erotica.” This made him nervously laugh. “So tell me, what exactly are you looking for?”

I suppose my words boosted his confidence as he muttered he was looking for some sensual threesome sex stories.

Of course, I knew exactly where these were and told him to fetch the ladder from the bookstore owner.

Looking down at him, I simpered up the ladder to fetch him a few books and caught the boy checking out my panties. Hmmm. Well well.

So I continued my flight down the ladder and accidentally brushed my ass against his crotch.

I handed him a pile of books, and leaned over in his ear. “Once you’re done with these, cum find me.”

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