It’s great that we both have a pantyhose fetish.

They are sexy, don’t you think? I see you staring at my pantyhose because  I love how strong that pantyhose fetish of yours is.  As I saunter to you a part of you starts to lose all of your self-control, therefore, I know you need what I have to offer.

My light fragrant scent has taken over your senses drawing you into me like a moth to a flame because  I can tell by the hypnotic stare that you want to touch my nylon-covered legs, don’t you? Sit back! I see those fingers twitching, aching to touch me.

You can lightly touch them me, dear. As you touch the sensation is making that bulge grow larger and larger. As I glare into your eyes with sadistic intent I realize I am going to torture you a little.


Let the pantyhose torture begin

You’re already naked which means my intentions are perfect for this occasion. You’re sitting in the chair I took my black lace panties off and used them to ties those hands behind your back. I sit down in the chair right across from you, as I sit down I can feel the stare you’re giving me. Looking dead into your eye and softly say the words, watch me!

I start to trace my inner thigh, around my knee, your stare getting stronger as you watch me. I hear those breaths growing deeper and shorter from the intensity building inside of you. You watch me slowly lean back and lift my legs in the air and slightly grip and run my nails along with my nylons.

I look up at you because I can see beads of sweat dripping to the floor, and that paired with that begging stare of yours, therefore, I know what you need. I knew this was great torture for you. Remember you telling me how you like to jerk your dick with nylons. How the women at your office drive you crazy from them wearying of those nylons, how fucking sexy they are.

How good they feel against your cock and how much they get you excited and most importantly how they make you want to cum. You look at that precum starting to leak now. As I slowly lower my legs to the floor I look at you and say, now you can cum. I love nylon play, especially on the phone! So you have a foot fetish? Read more about it here

Just tell Giana what your kink is, we can have our own little fun. Your phonesex operator will have on your favorite pair to fulfill your stocking fetish.

pantyhose fetish