RECENT kinky kingdom stories

teasing nerds

My Bestie And I Love Teasing Nerds Into Being Our Little Slaves!

The best way to get a little slave is to start teasing nerds. My bestie and I ha...

special fertile night

Tonight is the Right Time for a Special Fertile Night

So, I Have Two Friends Who Celebrated Their Special Fertile Night! A special fer...

Sexy Submissive Girl

Sexy Submissive Girl – I Use To Be Once Upon A Time –

Sexy Submissive Girl Can you believe I use to be a sexy submissive girl?  Of co...

Naughty Boss

Naughty Boss Has Me Working Extra Hard at My Kinky Part-Time Job

That naughty boss of mine is getting kinkier every day.  And, because of that, ...

fertile sperm whore

I’m a Fertile Sperm Whore With an Impregnation Fetish

Make Me a Mother For Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is inching closer and all...

stiff morning wood

Stiff Morning Wood: My Favorite Kind of Breakfast in Bed

I Love Sucking on Stiff Morning Wood!  I often have one-night stands and being ...

true life sex story with Casey

True Life Sex Story; Striking A Pose For Daddy’s Friend

A True Life Sex Story Is The Best We all have a true life sex story, some of us ...

A family affair

A Family Affair: Home is Where the Hard On is! Amen!

A Family Affair I was raised to keep family first.  A Family Affair can mean di...

Public Sex

Public Transportation Sex – Late Night Subway Rides Have Advantages

Do you know the trick to subway sex? It is all about being discreet while fuckin...

sexy secret lover

I Love Sneaking Around with My Sexy Secret Lover

Shhh! I’ve Got a Sexy Secret Lover You have to promise not to tell anyone, I...

little sissy cuck

Little Sissy Cuck: I Am Your New Slutty Teen Mistress!

I get so horny when I train a new little sissy cuck. They all need to learn how ...

tight little asshole

My Friend’s Dad is Obsessed with My Tight Little Asshole

Nothing’s Better Than a Tight Little Asshole! In high school, I was at my frie...

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