A real foursome when I got MFM spit roast by two men with Pam


Heaven. That’s what it felt like. To be skewered like a MFM spit roast by two men? A dream comes true. Dawn moaned around Conn’s thick cock buried deep in her throat. Spit dribbled from her chin. She was suffocating around the meat and loving every second.

Finally, dizzy from the lack of air, she rocked her hips back. David, the man behind her grunted, his pelvis slamming against Dawn’s. She gasped, Sam’s dick in her throat exited just enough that she could inhale around it.

David’s hand wrapped in her hair, yanking her back. She gargled in surprise, and two growls from the end of her matched in attitude. Her breasts dangled, her nipples teasing and tickling Pam’s mouth. The woman lying under Dawn to the side.

Dawn tried to moan, but couldn’t, and tears sprang to her eyes. From joy and ecstasy or pain and maybe a little fear, she didn’t know. Beneath her, Pam roused. Looking up, she was delighted to see tits dangling above. She took a rose-budded peak between her parched lips. The other rested on her forehead, their bodies creating a T on the bed.

Sucking greedily, she purred and the vibrations sent shivers of excitement throughout Dawn’s skewered core. Pam’s hand slid down her naked stomach, fingers searching in the open, cool air. Her knees drifted apart. She found what she sought, still watching the men fuck the goddess above her. Long fingernails parted the V of flesh and found the peak of pleasure.

Instinctively her hips bucked in excitement of having the MFM spit roast by two men.

The sight of Pam masturbating spurred the men. They each rocked their hips, undulating in tandem. Dawn’s pussy tightened around David’s thick shaft that penetrated her over and over. Her hand rose, free now, raked her nails down Pam’s thighs. Pam whimpered, begging for the same release she seemed to have as she trembled on the bedsheets. Both hard cocks drove all thought from Dawn.

Pam came in rapture, fingers moving rapidly over her swollen clit. Her mouth finally opened as she cried out. Her hot breath cooled across Dawn’s wet nipples.

Dawn felt like she was going to burst. Harder, harder, she was fucked. She couldn’t cry out, couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t do anything but to stay on her knees like a good little slut and take it. Strong hands grasped her hips, digging into her skin, bruising.

She felt the waves building under her core.  As she peaked over and over. As she came, she couldn’t fight it, couldn’t pull away from the fullness of the cock filling.

She tried to swallow, and the sudden tightness drug Conn over the edge with her. Then she trembled, in another world, as his hot cum poured down her throat. She swallowed instinctively.

Conn grunted, his hand in her hair tightening. He pulled her off of himself, shaking and spent from her mouth.

The sight of it all, the two fuck-sluts in front of David caused him to grip Dawn tighter. Taking her limp body and ramming her hole as if his life depended on it. It didn’t take long, and he too filled her.

Dawn had her head and shoulders buried in the pillows, her legs too exhausted to hold her anymore. Pam’s thick hair tickled her shoulder, the only part of Pam still touching her.

David’s thick cock slipped out of her, and still, she lay there basking from the MFM spit roast by two men.

But that is me… Dawn… the Cum Slut MILF Next Door and if you want to know more about my sex life…