Love Sex


Yes, I Love Sex, Honey,

I am a Phone sex Operator because I love sex. I can not be true to myself and not be honest about it. Nor apologize for being this way.

Making love always fills me with an animal passion that leaves me a mindless sexual creature. My entire being is enveloped.

Desire delights my senses: I hear yearning, see the longing, taste hunger, smell lust, and feel cravings, passion becomes true appetite.

The feel of my body sliding against masculine power. I love sex when: Hardened clasps rough on my smooth skin, marking as passions rise.

A lightly furred chest rubbed me making my breasts ache to be touched. Velvet covering steel, sliding, throbbing in the tight wet heat of my feminine center.

My nails leave badges of honor as I begin to get lost inside myself.

Hands roaming at will, building the spark of lust into a firestorm of passion. Lips so commanding yet gentle tantalizing me with kisses. Encouraging remembrance of them in my erogenous zones.

Then my mind-shattering as my pussy spasms in the climax, over and over.

My flowing juices gush as my body is used and abused by our tidal wave of desire. Oh, honey, you do know how to make a MILF squirt

On and on I exist in a timeless sea of sensations overwhelming my consciousness. I never hear the slam of the headboard, nor can I truly hear where the moaning and groaning is coming from; LOL who’s mouth?

Oh, lover, I know you. You have had so many lovers in the past.

That the fact is you love sex and have learned how to please a woman’s body. But more important is that you love to give pleasure more than receive it. How you take your time and force me to completely give up myself. All for my own pleasure.

I am grateful to every woman before me for your expertise.

LOL, I am sure that the learning was pleasurable to you, and most if not all the ladies enjoyed your education as well. The facts are that you love sex too, and are a remarkable lover.

How do I know that you love sex?

1st sex play never ends so keep me in constant anticipation.

2nd we spend so much time on foreplay that it never leaves one part of me less than excited.

3rd the number of hours you force me to orgasm over and over till YOU are ready to cum.

And 4th you indulge my oral fixation allowing me to pleasure us both till I am fed from your body.

Which is contrary to your preference which is to give pleasure. Not to mention all the sex fun; games like paper towel bound, or play like role-play/dress up.

And then just fun fucking like public sex or road head. And then there is fetish fun like messages or my foot fetish, and so very many more.

ALL make you my Lord of Lust. Sizzling hot sex with my Sex God Supreme.

You even love that I do Phone sex. You would never want me to apologize for my sexuality and sex drive. And I would never want you to apologize for being who you are. How you are.

They make you the most unique lover of my entire life. Now the lover I choose to make love with is my everyday sex partner. Now you know why I love sex. Why I love being your Sex Kitten, the ultimate girlfriend experience for life.


Southern Girl Dawn Phone Sex Kingdom
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