Sizzling hot sex

Sizzling hot sex with me starts because there is fire in my mouth that spreads to your cock. You burn for me.

“Kiss me again. I love it when you kiss me” I sound needy and wanton. Tempting you, a little siren. You kiss me because there is no resisting me. But then you do not want to, you crave my kisses. You love the way I make your body hard and demanding. We let the kiss take us both, a slow burn that started with just worshiping our mouths. Nibbling. Biting. Licking. Breathing and exchanging breath.

Tug at my bottom lip with your teeth, very gently, just savor the awareness of your body.

Lying over my body, my skin sliding under yours, so soft, sensations crash through you. Frame my face with your hands, this face that makes you ache with need, burn with hunger. Dip your head and press kisses on my throat.

Absorb my taste, my feel, every inch of me as I arch up, pressing my breasts into your chest. Dip your head to the temptation of my breast. Flick your tongue against my nipple.

“I am very sensitive, in good ways”

Take your time to get to know each breast. The curves are very pronounced. These round mounds come to a peak. You will love to flick and tease with your fingers before suckling. Press my nipple to the roof of your mouth and stroke it until I am crying out and withering beneath you.

My body slick and hot with desire, needing you. Just as I make your body come alive, every nerve ending on fire, you do the same to me.

You reach for one of my legs, wrapping it around you.

As you kiss your way back to my lips. You open me more fully to you. Taking the other leg, lifting it, encouraging me to do the same with it. Until I have my ankles hooked at the small of your back.

I am so needy; I am fearless and eager.

Fisting the girth of your cock in your fist, fitting the broadhead against my slick entrance. The heat scorches you. Draws you. You are needy too.

You push deeper and we shudder at the same time as the overwhelming sensation threatens to drown us in pleasure.

My tight muscles fight you then slowly relent, allowing you to push deeper. Till your cock is gripped firmly in a silken, hot fist. You throw back your head savoring that feeling.

This is the ultimate, the slow-burning heat surrounding you, welcoming you, trying to push you out, yet pull you in. Beckoning. Tempting. The sensations pour over you. Into you. Filling you up.

Threading our fingers, push my hands into the mattress beside my head, look down, straight into my eyes. Hold me that way, pinned beneath you.

Kiss me at the same time thrust your hips hard, bury yourself deep, claim every inch of me.

I gasp, going stiff, frozen beneath you. Slowly my body relaxes around you, that vise gripping your cock eases enough for you to move. And you do…

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Sizzling hot sex
Sizzling hot sex

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