Lord of Lust

My Lord of Lust wanted me and set a rhythm. Gently, tenderly. He felt as if he was burning from the inside out. My breathing turned ragged, his labored. My body feeling every stroke of his cock in me, stretching me, claiming me, while I surrounded him in a sheath of pure fire. The friction as he rode me was phenomenal. Artistry, pure beauty.

He tightened his fingers around me, holding me beneath him, staring down into my eyes, his body on fire, in paradise. Already, far too soon, that feeling was starting in his toes and moving up the backs of his calves. Flames licking up his legs, threatening a firestorm. My breathing was ragged, labored, my hips moving to match his, my sheath gripping so tightly it felt as if he had been swallowed alive and was being strangled by that silken, scorching-hot fist.

“Come with me” It was a command and nothing less.

My gaze clung to his, and he saw what he needed all along. I let go, my hips bucking, the waves so intense, so strong my sheath clamped down on him. And then the flames reached his balls and the seeds boiling there. As if I touched a match to a stick of dynamite, he erupted.

A long explosion, jet after jet splashing my walls, triggering stronger ripples in me.

We rode them out together, soaring, shuddering, our heat beats wildly out of rhythm. There is such freedom in the feelings. Even as he rolled off me.

My hand reached for his semi-hard cock,

my fist sliding up and down his shaft almost lazily. Sending heat spiraling right down to his spine. He took a breath and tried to think with a clear mind.

My hand stopped, but my fist tightened,

squeezing down, threatening to strangle him. The sensation tore up his body. A firestorm burned out of control in his belly. I propped myself on one elbow, turning my body towards his, leaning over his thigh so my hair brushed over his legs and groin.

The mass of hair a whisper of silk, teasing everyone of his sense cause me to grin, and a slow burn to start in his mind.

“You started something you can not leave in the middle of it. I want you that mouth of yours wrapped around me” he said. He caught my hand and guided it, till it was gliding up and down again.

Lord of Lust
Lord of Lust

He liked the fact I was already sliding my thumb over the crown, and using my saliva to make him slick so I could easily glide my fist in the rhythm he had set.

Then laying fully on him I wiggled downward till his legs parted for me. He Stretched, linking his fingers behind his head, propping himself so he could lay back and enjoy.

THIS was a challenge I could not ignore.

Licking up his shaft and then twirling my tongue around his head I savored every drop and smear of our previous orgasming. My mouth engulfed him. When he saw my naturally rosy lips stretched around his girth his cock sent more steel to his cock.

“Your taste, I love the way you taste, we taste. The feel of you, like velvet but then so hard. And hot. So very hot. The shape of you. I especially love how hard you get, right in my mouth.”

My tongue swirling up his shaft and then teased under his crown until he thought his head would explode. He could not lay there as he first planned.

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Lord of Lust
Lord of Lust

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