Worshipping her Body

He is worshipping her body… Kisses so gentle and sweet, the tenderest touch, a stroke. I know his touch. Completely overwhelming my mind with sensations. So intense it cannot be called simple pleasure, to pleasurable to be called pain.

His head lowers to the sweet curve of my breast, licking over the tempting pulse just along with the swell that leads to the valley.

Using the edge of his teeth, letting me feel the sensation, my heart accelerated.

My hips moving, urgency beginning to grow in me. He nipped the edge of my breast then soothing it with his tongue. His lips sip at my nipple.

I gasped, arched, as the mild bite of erotic pain burst through me spreading through me like a firestorm.

My arms came up to circle his head, fingers fisting in his hair. I am his, this body, soft and warm and so responsive.

I give myself freely, putting myself in his hands, trusting him.

He kisses his way down my flat stomach, taking his time, tracing each rib with his tongue, his hands exploring and shaping.

My breathe comes in ragged little gasps. I make soft sounds that sound like his name. A chant, barely heard but music none the less.

His tongue dipped into my belly button as his hands slipped lower to cup my bottom.

My hands fist into the shirt we were too impatient to remove. The pleasure engulfs me threatening to take what little control I have.

My eyes met his, searching and I see he will always be there to catch me. I anchor myself to him. Clutching at him as the fires burn through my body.

He continues to leisurely explore running his tongue along with my hip bones. Nuzzling, his hands move to my thighs, parting them,

my juices escape down my body.

The cool air on my hot, wet entrance. So much heat enflames me further. He is drawn there, his mouth moving lower until could catch drops of my nectar. My taste addictive, he can not stop. Lifting my hips to his mouth, pressing deep, his tongue pushing into my tight flower. Drawing out as much liquid as he could get.

Gasping, crying out I thrash. It is too much I feel as if I will fly apart. He catches eyes, locking our gaze.

Deliberately, watching my eyes, he swipes his tongue, through my soft folds, circling my most sensitive bud and stabbing deep again.

Tremors wrack my body, his cock jerks.

He is caught in the urgent need for my body. He begins to devour me, driving me up that high flaming cliff, forcing me to tumble over it. Again, and again. He needs to hear my soft little cries.

My nails digging into his shoulders. My cries music to him, a symphony of desire, each note so sweet he is near as addicted to that as he is to my taste.

Fiery need licks over my skin as he worships my body. My breath coming in harsh gasps, I cannot stop withering no matter how I tried. It felt as if his passion were destroying me, forging me into a stronger sensual woman.

Chanting his name, he is my talisman, my anchor, my very strength. He laps at the hot nectar spilling from my body in a stream.

His tongue licking and stabbing deep, moving in torturous slow circles, driving me insane as the tension built and built.

Stretching me out on a rack of pleasure too intense to bear. My head thrashing back and forth. Tremors run down my thighs, up to my back as I orgasm over and over.

My body burns and aches for him.

Deep inside I coil tighter and tighter, desperate for a release more powerful than all the others combined.

Whimpering, sobbing, pleading with him. I need him inside of me to sate the all-encompassing hunger. I am soaring out of control.

Skating at the edge of panic, afraid of burning up from the inside out, fragmenting into tiny pieces, or going insane from sheer pleasure.

He lifts his head as my cries get louder. My hips bucking, as pleaded with him. He knelt up slowly between my thighs. He looked… intimidating.

I need him desperately. I want him more than anything. “You are mine,” he says. My eyes met his, I am terrified of myself, I know I am his as he is mine.

His hands feel huge as they run up my thighs and then slowly back towards my heated center. The head of his cock lodged at my entrance pressing hotly into me.

My body struggles against the invasion, reluctantly giving way for him, strangling his thick shaft as it moves deeper inside me.

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Worshipping her Body
Worshipping her Body

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