The best way to start the day

The best way to start the day is with orgasms. I wake and open all the window blinds and curtains. I love the feel of the sun and air on my body. You see, I am almost a nudist it is such a free and natural lifestyle I cannot help myself I start to caress my body.

My skin is smooth, unblemished, and well-tanned, without any tan-lines. I sunbathed nude. My ass is round and tight, legs long, limber. I love my breasts.

They are perfect: rounded, not too big, tipped with dusky brown nipples that beg to be sucked. And the bare little crease at the juncture of my legs. And as lust takes over fully my pussy lips and clitoral hood. I swear you can see my clit poking out between my nether lips. My body weeps down on my thighs. I play and tease. My moans get louder. As my hands and fingers play more.

The best way to start the day
The best way to start the day

You walk up to me and gently push on my chest to lay me down softly onto the edge of the bed. You kiss your way down my body till you are kneeling on the floor. The whole time I am moaning and squirming. When you get to my pussy you lick me. Lifting my thighs over your shoulders.

Finally, you begin sucking on my rock-hard clit. I groan. You continue sucking my clit in pushing it against your teeth with your tongue until my hips started bucking up and down and I scream.

I have the most mind-blowing full-body orgasms you had ever seen; in real life or on video. When my eyes rolled back into proper position, I look at you as I stand on shaky legs.

“Oh, That was perfect. Thank you.”

I kneel in front of you. I run my hand along your thigh, and then up across your sperm-heavy balls to the base of your cock. Grasping it gently in my hand and pump with a barely-there feel of my hand up and down your cock.

I lean down to blow a hot breath across it and it twitched involuntarily. Seeming to kiss the tip, I stroke it against my cheek. I begin by licking up one side and down the other.  Never touching the purple head; just the shaft. Then I lick and suck your balls; still ignoring the head. I go back to licking before taking your raging member into my mouth. I feel my lips engulf the entire head.

The best way to start the day
The best way to start the day

You place your hands on my head bobbing up and down and I moan. I love the feel of your cock head hitting the back of my throat. Within minutes you erupted inside my mouth. I keep bobbing up and down. When you are done cumming I lick the stray bit of cum off my lips. I realize that you STILL have a raging boner.

I stand, turn around. And I reach behind me with one hand, spreading apart my pussy lips like a centerfold, revealing the hot pink depths within.  You can see the juices dripping down these luscious legs from my saturated snatch.

“Now pound me with that hard cock.”

You move up behind me. And ram your big rod in with one hard thrust that takes you into the balls. Let me hold us up and wrap your hands around my bounteous tits; caressing my globes, catch the nipples between your fingers, tweaking and kneading gently as you thrust.

Oh, your hard cock feels so good

“Fuck me, damn it. Ram my fucking pussy. Fuck me and fuck me hard.”

You slam your cock in and out in and out in and out. I scream with each thrust. You are pounding my cunt hard and fast, plowing me through orgasm after orgasm. We rut like pigs for over an hour. I have at least 5 orgasms before you erupt inside my dripping pussy. Adding to the juices soaking my legs.

We collapsed on top of the bed’s edge and gasped for breath. Soon we are on the bed proper snuggled in each other’s’ arms basking as our juices get the bed soaked. All the while smothering me with kisses.

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The best way to start the day
The best way to start the day

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