Sex Kitten

I love BDSM Pet Play, specifically being a Sex Kitten for you. You draw the jeweled leather halter up over my generous 36DD high and firm breasts. The top two pieces curve over the tops of my breasts and then the leather stretches in a circle around each breast, lifting and dividing them.

The jeweled leather harness runs along the sides of my hips down to the front. To frame my bare lips and the curls of my landing strip on my mound. Then runs along back my hips to my back where the harness buckle is. You tighten it. You then snap my stockings into the garter at my thighs.

The harness is very snug around my pussy and breasts as I stand in front of you. Bringing heightened awareness to my body instantly. You stroke my skin, nipples, and pussy. Then reaching for the special oil that makes my nipples, pussy, and ass burn for you. When it is rubbed all over my body it makes me mad for sex, to be used for your pleasure.

I am already wet and needy, my nipples and pussy enflamed, the harness causing them to press outwards, on display, aching. I can not stop a long drawn out rolling purr. Little drops of liquid heat tease on my pussy lips. Then you say

“Kneel in front of me”

I put my hands on your thighs and using my nails I kneaded the way a kitten might.

You use the oil to cover my breast kneading it into my skin. At first it felt good then the burn gets stronger. Then you use one finger to stroke my pussy lips setting them on fire.

Then you deftly apply the nipple clamps adjusting the screws. Letting the small gold jeweled chains lower gently fed the fire building in me. Then you tell me.

“Such a good sex kitten, so patient. Get down and turn around.”

Then I did. The moment I was on all fours my breasts shifted in the harness. And the jeweled chains swung down the weight tugged at my nipples renewing the fire of the oil. Streaking fires of arousal through me with every slightest movement or jar. As the harness position pushed my pussy lips out the air cool against my hot flesh was another sensation that had me almost quivering in contrast.

You begin to knead and massage the oil all over the skin of my backside. Along the seams meeting my thighs and then pouring a liberal amount into my crack between my cheeks. Casually sweeping the thick lube down the seam, over my inflamed clit, and pussy lips, flicking and circling with that heat and then pressing a coated finger deep inside

“You’re already so slick and tight kitten”

The burn starts, I can not help rocking my hip on your finger the oil is so fierce. You don’t pick up the pace like I need you too. You keep your message slow and then found my little star. Then you begin to push your thumb into my tight asshole deep, over and over.

You pour oil directly into me and use your finger pushing all the in, as you rub my clit. Pinching it so hard it blazed to the fiery heights of my nipples. I could not stop my hips could not decide push against the finger in my burning ass or the thumb against the blazing pleasuring thumb.

“Naughty kitty, be still”

I feel the luxurious fur slide over my back. Then you show me my new tail. Fur as black as obsidian multicolored tiny jewels scattered throughout the fur. The glass but plug solid black. It was a perfect match for my collar, leash, and harness.

I barely notice my body in a rage of desire desperate with my lust scarcely under my control. I tremble as you begin to push the plug deep with steady pressure. It is the largest plug ever to enter my ass.

But with your thumb working my clit and 2 fingers in my soaking pussy curling inside. Stroking my sensitive nerve endings, and that sense of fullness mingling with the fiery oil became something else.

Every part of my body is on fire for you. Even my brain is in a rage of lust. Picking up the leash you walk me to the bedside table and show me a small remote.

“Feel what this can do on low”

Instantly the plug began to vibrate, sending little waves of delight right through the fiery wall of nerves. I think I might die of insanity as my body coils tight, but there is no relief. I hiss and rock my hips. The tail twitching madly in the air. You laugh and ruffle my hair careful of my jeweled cat’s ears.

We have not even gotten started My sexy little sex kitten.”

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Sex Kitten
Sex Kitten

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