Public sex in a bar and everyone was watching.

Needing a cigarette, I had left my date Corey in the bar. Strolling to the dark corner of the bar’s outside smoking deck. I never thought I was going to be experiencing Public sex in moments.

Thinking about how I needed a strong lover again. One strong enough to torture me and take control. Like with Orgasm Denial. But I never thought I was going to have public sex in a bar.

I was enjoying the blues the band was playing. “Get over here.” David’s hand encircled my arm as he dragged me toward the deck rail.

I was shocked to see him David had been my Dom for years. We had broken up months before. But I didn’t have a choice. I could hear the joyful sounds of the bar as the music wafted around us.

“Grab the railing and spread your legs.”

I felt like a child as I started to whimper, public sex? I grabbed the wooden railing in my hands and looked over the edge, I could see the people mingling around below, laughing and smiling, having a good time.

“What—“ I felt David lift my skirt, I twisted my head to see him pull his hard cock from his pants.

“You are MINE kitten.”

My throat went dry and I thought I was going to faint. I could see the glistening pre-cum on his prick as he took hold of my hips and pulled me back to him.

Biting my lip in order to keep from screaming, the bulbous head of his cock pressed against my opening. My ears were ringing so loud I could no longer hear any sounds other than my public sex in a bar.

I closed my eyes and started whimpering as his dick slid in my wet pussy. I grunted as his hips slammed into mine. And his prick was buried to the hilt in me. It had been so long I felt impaled by a huge rod, long and thick.

My hands were locked on the wooden railing as I was being fucked. Gods public sex in a bar as David started bucking against me.

With each violent thrust, I was driven forward until my upper body was pushed over the rail. I could see all the people gathered below as I was forced over the edge.

My face was on fire and I prayed that nobody would look up and see me being slammed forward. There was no way anybody could see David behind me, raping my pussy with his huge dick, but if they looked up:

I knew they could tell I was being fucked.

It seemed to go on forever and ever. David had his hands on my hips and was brutally fucking me, driving me forward with his pounding hips, then he’d pull me back using my body as a grip.

I could hear the desperate whimpering that escaped my body as I was fucked like an animal. I was just a doll in his hands, his dick sinking into my pussy. Finally, again I belonged.

David grabbed for my long dark hair and twisted my head so I was looking at him. A jolt of electricity raced through my body as my eyes met his. The sound of his skin slapping against mine rang through my ears and I was terrified somebody might hear.

“I’m going to cum in your pussy slut!

To remind you who’s pussy this is” Then I felt his hold on my hips grow firmer as his dick spread my pussy wide. I could feel him driving deep, pummeling me with each brutal thrust of his pelvis.

Closing my eyes and wanted to scream as I felt the throbbing of his cock. I needed to lose control but I knew it would displease him. Tears streamed down my cheeks as

David pulled me back hard on his prick.

I was orgasming with each violent thrust of his hips I was jerked up off the ground. My knuckles were white from holding the rail so tight in my hand’s. My orgasms so intense my legs were weary and felt like they’d collapse at any moment. David’s dick went deep in my pussy, filling me completely.

But I could hear myself grunt with each harsh action of his hips against mine. Then the slap of his flesh against mine echoed through my ears. I bit my lip hard as I felt his dick start to twitch in my pussy.

Then I closed my eyes and started a silent scream as David slammed forward, driving my hips against the rail, my whole upper torso was over the edge as his cock started to spurt in my pussy.

“That’s it kitten! Give me what is mine” David kept pumping into me with his cock, using it a piston, rocking me forward, pounding into me. A massive orgasm surged thru my body making my legs buckle,

my pussy spasming and clenching down on his cock.

My hands were locked on the rail. It ran across my mind yet again I was having public sex in a bar. Then it was all I could do to hold on as David drove me forward pumping his cum in my pussy, I could feel his seed filling me.

I don’t know how long he had me pinned against the rail. It was probably only a few seconds, but it seemed an eternity.

My legs were weak and my hips ached from the brutal force of David’s fucking. When he finally pulled his dick free from my pussy it felt like there was a huge void in my belly.

That’s when David grabbed my hair and twisted me around, ecstasy still coursing thru my shuttering body, confusion filled me as he came face to face to me. “You will ALWAYS be mine…”

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