Orgasm Denial

I am sitting here waiting for him to come home from a busy day from work. I decided I wanted to do something nice for him. Something special. Maybe then he will stop denying me… To me, Orgasm denial is a form of extreme torture of Forced Submission. Sucking cock is not quite as much an obsession as cumming… But its very close.  Tonight, was the night. No Orgasm denial tonight. I have nothing on but this pink lacy lingerie on. It has black flurry trim on it and with a black bow on each of the parts where my hard nipples are. The gown is barely material as it is. You can see every curve and inch of pale skin of mine. My hair is laid down across my shoulders as I wait in patience.

My pussy throbs

He comes through the door with this look on his face when he sees me standing there in the hallway. Dropping his case and slowly walks up to me. He places one of his hands on the back of my neck and the other against the small of my back. He leans in kissing me so passionately. His grip gets tighter on the back of my Next. He kisses me one last time before he pushes me down to my knees. This is the moment. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for.

He was finally going to let me taste his cock.

“Finally,”, I thought. He is finally going to let me suck his fat long hard throbbing cock. Unzipping his pants taking this cock out. He laughed… Smiled down at me and flung his cock out making sure his cock ran across my face. I went to grab his cock into my hands, but he slapped my hands away. He took the head of his cock and ran it across my lips.

 “Go undress and bend over the bed,

then wait for me.” He said in a stern tone. I look up at him in a begging look…I want to taste his cock…  He takes my pathetic little face into his hand and says, “Go do as you are told and if you are a good girl you can taste my cock after I get done fucking your arse.” I quickly squirmed into a quick walk to the bedroom making my clothes fall to the floor. I bend over the bed in impatient. Only a couple seconds later he walks in. “Good Girl,” He says

 While smacking my ass.

“Where do you want this cock?” he says teasingly as he runs his head of his cock back and forth between my little asshole and my wet cunt. “My cunt” I reply in a whimper… “I think I’m going to have your ass tonight. Now, don’t you complain or run away from or else you won’t get to taste this cock of mine.”  I nod biting into the pillow in fear of the pain to soon come to my pink puckered asshole.

 He wets his cock

and slowly sticks his head of his cock in me. I whimper as it goes in. Trying to relax as he forces the next 8 inches in. I can feel my cunt getting wetter and on edge of Cumming. He starts to fuck it faster and faster making my cunt squeeze from the inside in pleasure.

“Fuck me harder sir,

please fuck me harder.” I plead. “Please make me cum with your cock in my filthy little asshole” “Fuck,” he says as he groans into a deeper push. He pulls out as I start to get closer to orgasm.  “You can’t cum yet” He demands. I whimper again as I am on edge of an orgasm. “Get down on your knees now cunt and take this filthy cock into your mouth. I want you to lick every bit of my cock.”

He demands.

I take his cock into my mouth knowing that it was just in my ass. I start to feel my organism come back, but then Orgasm Denial happens again. “Sir please let me cum as I make you cum with mouth” I beg and plead. He pulls his cock out of my mouth. “Not today little girl, not today. Now get up take a shower and get ready, we have dinner…

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