Road head

He had never tried Road Head. It was so hard to concentrate on driving because of Dawn. Looking down, he bunched her hair in his fist so he could see her face. He needed to watch her as she kissed her way over his groin. That hunger, intense desire was in her eyes. He loved that look. He knew he would keep that image with him always.

She dropped her head lower, and he felt her breath, warm against the crown of his cock. Small droplets leaked out, enticing her. For a moment he thought she might swallow him down, but instead, she licked up his balls and then his shaft.

His entire body shuddered with need. He tightened his hold on her hair. This time to guide her mouth where he needed her most. She lifted those long lashes and stared up at him with her sparkling green eyes.


His cock jumped in anticipation. Blood pounded through his cock. His heartbeat centered in his groin. There was a strange roaring in his ears. Every cell in his body felt alive. Anticipating. Waiting. He found he was holding his breath until his lungs burned.

“Dawn” Her name a command. A powerful one. It came out hoarse. Almost desperate. Not nearly as authoritative as he thought it should have, as desperate as he was.

Her hot breath slid over him again so that his muscles tightened. Her eyes laughed happily and that caught at him. There were only two of them. The rest of the world locked out.

Then her mouth engulfed him and there was no sane thought. Her mouth was hot and wet, sliding over him tightly. Her tongue danced and stroked. She did some kind of purring that sent vibrations right through his shaft, blowing out the top.

It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Her mouth moving over him as she knelt there on the seat beside him. Watching her watch him, as she gave him so much pleasure, was just plain erotic.

“Keep your eyes on the road, honey” Dawn said.

That was another sight he never wanted to lose. Those green eyes devoured him the way her mouth swallowed him. Tight and hot. Her tongue stripped him of thought so he was pure feeling. The car glided over the edge of the road. She stopped as he applied the breaks and pulled over the side. Parking.

Without pause, her mouth slid over him again, so tight. So hot. His hips began to move, small thrusts, taking him deeper. He was careful and very gentle, but his decades of control and discipline were gone with every stroke of her tongue.

Flames teased at the base of his cock, sizzled at the base of his spine. Flames rushed up from his toes, his calves, and then danced up his thighs to lick at his balls.

The heat was tremendous. The fire burned up his spine, coiled in his belly, and burst into a firestorm as his cock erupted like a volcano. Jet after jet. Rope after rope.

His hot seed exploded from him. He threw back his head and roared, even while he fought to stay in eye contact with her. As her swallowing milked more and more of his essence from his body, till the pleasure became to intense almost painful.

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Road Head
Road Head

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