I Wanted To Have Hot Sex With Our New Co Worker

Most of us have been lucky to have hot sex a few times. Mediocre sex a lot of the time, but really good sessions once in a while as well. I had this party recently and I invited the staff. I’d hoped this new sexy guy would arrive, we all had the hots for him. He did come, and after the party was winding down, I asked him if he’d stay a bit longer. Soon it was just me, three other girls and him left. He really felt special with all the ladies smiling and giggling at him.

The Girls Gathered around Him

The drinks were flowing, and he began to wonder what might be up. We told him we all wanted to fuck him. Would he liked to have some extra special attention lavished upon him? He looked stunned, blushed even. It didn’t take him to realize this might be a once in a lifetime sexual offering, so he stayed. We were all ready for sex games I stripped him down, and we girls gathered in a semi circle on the floor around him on our knees. I took his cock in my hand and started to lick it and suck it Soon another girl was sucking on his balls. The others joined in and he soon had four tongues working all over his cock. He was in ecstasy.

I Started To Masturbate While Watching

He laid on my bed and we surrounded him. One girl got on top of him and straddled him, slipping his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Another girls sat on his face and he was licking her out. I started to masturbate while watching. As did the other girl. It was very hot to watch. We soon got to switch places and take turns fucking him and getting licked by him. His cock was glorious, it must have been eight inches, and it really filled my pussy nicely. The condo echoed with gasps of pleasure and groans of delight. I hadn’t realized this little party would turn into such a sexy night filled with hot sex.

We girls were actually trying to compete with one another to see who could make him cum the most. I was in the lead, he was like a machine. My pussy was very satisfied after not only getting licked by him, but getting fucked by him. He said he’d always been popular with the ladies, but he’d never taken on four at once before. I’m glad we could give him a first. He really could fuck, he just kept going and going like the energizer bunny.

All of us had several orgasms and were very satisfied. I was multi orgasmic and had always been able to cum many times. So it was no big deal for me to aim for five or more orgasms. After all of us were cummed out and spent, the evening finally wound down. They all began to leave. Not sure how we will look one another in the eye at work on Monday. It was a night to remember filled with hot sex and wild memories.    Call The Hottest Phone Sex Ever !!


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