Edging fetishes can be used to control your sub’s mind!

I found out how far I could push my slave by using his ruined orgasm fetishes to make sure he was owned fully by me. As he entered my house, I told him to wait for me and to go sit on the edge of my bed. He knew that when I said that, he was to strip naked for me and have his clothes folded immaculately on the nightstand. I was going to use his fetish against him.

I came in with some rope from the garage and fastened his hands and feet apart on my bedpost. Then I open my mouth as though I was going to suck his cock and both joy and excitement filled his face. Tugging on the skin of his head, I blew into his open cum hole. He was already throbbing.

Then I took a brand new feather duster that I had and I dragged it up the length of his cock. Then I dragged it back down again. For a good while, I feather dusted the tip of his cock for quite some time. Then I tied a rope to his junk. One knot was around his balls and the other was around the base of his cock. I tickled his cock with my panties a bit and hoped I gave him a panty fetish too!

I spent time dragging my fingernails up and down his cock with that rope pulled tightly around his nuts and cock.

After that, I played with only his balls and examined every inch of them. He thought that he was in for quite the treat when I began to give him a decent handjob. Wrapping my and around his cock, I jerked him off until he was going to blow. Then I let go completely and waited for him to get soft. I worked him up again, only to let him fall soft once more… I did this over and over again until he finally came without me even touching him. His cock was flaccid, and barely any jizz squirted out. I just laughed and untied him. He just looked so dumbfounded. Seeking fetish phonesex? Read some more of my blogs!

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