I used my friend’s pantyhose fetish to dress him up as a girl and take pictures of him.

I caught my friend prancing around in my pantyhose like a little loser. He was going to be in big trouble for messing with my shit. As his punishment, I decided that he was going to buy me some sexy lingerie. I made him drive me to Victoria’s Secret. We got to the store and I picked out several outfits in two different sizes. One for him and another for me. Pink, Red and Black.

We had tights, bras, bodysuits, and thongs. So much lace! If they fit us, he was going to buy them all. He asked why I was getting two sizes and I told him because he was going to try them on with me. I made him try on this pink lace bodysuit with me. His punishment had just begun. I told him that he was going to go talk to the boy over by the panties who was obviously buying something for his girlfriend. He had to tell the guy that he had a panty fetish!

I told him that I wanted him to ask the guy if he thought that my friend looked sexy in that outfit.

He went up to the guy and asked him. The guy just punched him in the face and I burst out laughing. Oh my god! What a loser! I had already been filming it on my phone, but he didn’t really realize until he started to walk back with tears in his eyes. I caught it all on film! His cheek was turning purple and red from where that guy had hit him. After that, I made him finish trying on the clothes that we had and then I made him buy all our clothes.

I told him that I had a prom present for him, and he was so excited! I pulled up the video of him getting hit for being a creep and showed him that I had posted it on several social media sites. Now everyone knows about his weird little fetishes. Want to hear more on a stocking fetish? Check out some more of my blogs!

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