When I started buying panties on my own, I was so excited.

And I was embarrassed, at first, to be seen buying sexy panties at the counter with how young I looked. Oh the lace, silk, mesh, nylon and cotton panties! They have a deal at Victoria’s Secret; something like buy 5 for 28$. I could spend hundreds on my panty fetish. And they have these bins, filled with panties and organized by size! I can never find a size small so easily! Sometimes I will wear 2-3 different pairs in a day; I have so many. Now I have my own bin of panties.

One day I saw a porn video on my past boyfriend’s phone, after I had acquired my collection, of a guy fingering this girl with her panties pulled to the side. I don’t know why this tickled my fancy, but I’m a big texture person. That’s one aspect of my panty fetish. The restrictive texture, combined with the moisture, and having fingers sliding in and out, made me really horny. There was something about those moist panties, rubbing up against her and getting pushed into her opening, that made my clit pulse. Later that night, I went home and found a pair of cotton panties with monarch butterflies on them. I searched for the texture that would feel the best inside of me. Cotton was my texture of choice because I thought it would bring the most friction when I came.

I laid down on my bed and started rubbing my clit in little circles over my panties.

Then I took the other hand and started rubbing the opening as it got wetter.  Then I pulled them aside and started to slide my fingers in and out. After I had gotten sufficiently aroused, I pulled off my panties. While rubbing my clit with my right hand, I slowly started to push my panties into my tight little hole. Inch by inch I poked in with my left hand. Then I just left them there and rubbed my clit until I was about to cum. Right as I started to cum, I slowly pulled them out. I clenched over them as they exited my body. Then I thought about doing the same thing with pantyhose! Even more cloth! A pantyhose fetish or a foot fetish was going to follow soon!

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