This friend of mine that I was fucking had some kind of foot fetish.

I like guys that have a foot fetish because I like foot rubs. After ballet, my feet do get sore often. I also wear heels often, so a daily rub is certainly appreciated. I have the tiniest feet too, wearing a size 6 in shoes. This is where foot fetishes come in handy!

One day, after a long day of practice, I came home to my friend who I knew would rub my feet if I expressed that they were sore. I plopped down on the bed and lay on my side. Sliding my feet into his lap, I didn’t even need to say anything. He immediately picked up my right foot and started to rub it.

When he rubbed my feet, it was as though he were visualizing every centimeter with his hands. He studied every crevice and curve, pressing into them with his fingers. The toes were his favorite. Extra time was spent dipping in between my toes and under them. That’s where it hurt after pointe, so I certainly didn’t mind.

After doing a thorough job of molding and pressing into my feet, he took the inside of my foot and pressed it to his cock, which was rock hard. I instantly knew what he wanted and ran the inside of my foot up and down the length of his cock teasingly. Then, he got on his knees off of the bed and on the floor.

He picked up one of my feet from the bed and popped my big toe into his mouth.

He licked all up the arch of my foot and in between my toes, sucking on every toe of both feet. I knew what would get him off. I wiggled so that my legs were hanging off the bed and pressed both feet together. Slipping his hard cock between both my feet, I began to move them up and down. He came instantly all over my feet. Next time I would have to wear pantyhose and see if he had a pantyhose fetish as well!  Looking for some foot fetish blogs? Read some more of my blogs!

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