I love to try out new fetish scenes.

I have yet to find a fetish that I will not indulge in. My friend had this cool little playroom like fifty shades. It had an x board and a horse and many sex toys. Amongst these toys was a dildo machine.  When he turned it on the machine mimicked the pumping that would be done during penetration. You could choose how fast to pump it and how long the strides were. This was going to be one of my favorite fetishes!

Walking over to it, I reached out my hand to play with it. He asked me if I wanted to try it! I told him that I absolutely wanted to try it. Next thing I know, I’m getting naked and laying on my back over his latex bed. He motioned me to scoot down to the edge of the bed, so I scooted until my ass hung off a bit. He adjusted it to my height and told me to start rubbing my clit.

While I began to rub my clit, he aligned the machine with my pussy.

As I started to get wet, he turned the machine on low and just stood next to it, watching it penetrate me. While rubbing my clit, I could hear my self getting wetter. As he noticed the moisture increase, he turned the machine up. While the speed increased, so did the depth of the strokes. Soon I could feel the consistency of the strokes.

Finally, I erupted all over my body with the dildo still going. Once he pulled it out, my pussy began to drip all over the bed. I could feel the warmth trickle down my ass crack. My pussy throbbed. As a result, I have invested in a sex machine for myself. Craving some adult chat? Read more of my blogs.

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