detailed sex stories ~

This detailed sex stories begin as I get you to the bedroom and lay you on my bed with loving gentle kisses. Then as I suckle your lower lip as my hands cup your boobs getting your nipples hard. I rub them in circles with my thumb.

I look into your eyes as your hand rubs my cock. “Mmm…Dawn” I love how you taste on my tongue. I feel you stroking my cock through my jeans “Ahh Dawn yes…” Just because you’re so eager to touch me I am going to tie those hands back to the bedposts.

As I am tieing your hands to each bedpost with my silk ties I began kissing my way down your arm. I smile at you as I reach down and begin to rub your clit with my fingers. Once they are covered in your juices I let you taste yourself.

detailed sex stories ~“Mmm Dawn I love feeling you suck my fingers clean.”

As I nibble on your nipples I see your legs quiver. I slide a finger back in your juicy pussy as my tongue swirls on your nipples soothing the sting.

As I play caressing you I am tieing your legs to the lower bedposts. I love the look of anticipation on your face. I love seeing you naked, you are so sexy. Now you can only watch as I take off my jeans. You watch as my cock drops out of my jeans. Your fingers curl into fists. I can see the ache to touch me in your face.

When will I release you, will I fuck you? I see the thoughts cross your face. You see my cock as it twitching. It is shaven clean. I grab some warm oil off the bedside table dripping it on your breasts. Then hold them together with my hands. I am sliding my cock just inches from your lips…my tasty precum beading up. I know you want my cock in your mouth but you can’t have it yet. I straddle your ribs. “Mmmm Dawn I love these exquisite breasts.’ I love my cock sliding in between your tits. I see your tongue flicking at it.

detailed sex stories ~Aahhh Dawn yes I’ll let you taste me.

Putting my cock in your mouth I feel your hot tongue swirl around its head. I watch as you taste a bit of precum. Fucking your face feels so good. I slowly thrust in and out of your mouth. I love how you suck in as I pull my cock out. How you thrust your head forward trying to take me in your throat as I thrust in. I feel the urge to cum building as I give speed face fucking you. Looking down I push my cock into your throat going balls deep. Then I stay still feeling your throat muscles trying to swallow my cock. Your tongue tickling my cock almost sends me over the edge.

I pull my dick back as you follow trying to keep me in your mouth. Her mature sex drive had made her an expert at oral. My cock is throbbing, jumping up and down right out of tongue touching range. I watch as you moan with your eyes staring at my dick. I can see your need for my cock in your pussy… Ahh, Dawn, you’ve waited long enough I’ll give my favorite MILF the fucking you need.

I lean down bracing my hands on either side of you. We kiss. Your kiss has a fierce passion as I slide my body across and down yours. I settle my body between your legs.

detailed sex stories ~“Ahhh Dawn, You are so hot and wet”

Rubbing my dick between your pussy lips, you can feel my cock bumping against your clit. Your hands balling into fists straining, you moan calling my name begging. You try to arch your back spreading your knees as far as the ties allow. Yet you cannot capture me. Your body is so tense it trembles with need. I gently kiss your forehead as you try to thrash under me.

detailed sex stories ~It is time Dawn.

I slide my cockhead down to the entrance of your tiny pussy. In one firm deep stroke, I stretch and fill you. You are almost sobbing in my ear you are so needy. But I go slowly, allowing your tight pussy to adjust. So you can feel every single inch of my inflexible girth spreading open. I enter your pulsating pussy feeling your hot wet heat engulf my cock.

detailed sex stories ~“Ahhhggghhhhh!!!!”

I fight for control, gripping your ass cheeks I start slowly pumping your juicy pussy. I angle my cock to drag across your clit with every motion. With my dick feeling the excruciating wet heat I feel my orgasm building spreading throughout my body. My control starts to slip as I hear your moans turn into a melody of lustful sounds.

Your pussy juices coating my balls start to be slung everywhere as my pace increases. My balls are slapping against your ass as I lose myself in the feel of your pussy spasming as you start to cum. I keep pounding your tight pussy, deep strokes as fast as I can. All the while your orgasm continues to roll throughout your body.

Your pussy gets so tight I must thrust harder and harder. I cannot wait. I reach both hands under your ass lifting your body holding you tight.  As I slam as deep as I can forcing you to almost scream. I tuck my face into your neck as my own throat begins to growl. I hold still letting your spasming pussy do as it will, and let go of restraints. You feel me pumping you full of ropes of hot thick cummmm mmmmm. You grind your pussy into me as you whimper. As our orgasms ease in intensity, we kiss more. As my tongue slides from your mouth, I bite your lip. Smiling at you I lick the sting from your lips.

I reach up untying your hands. We look down at your pussy and legs covered and dripping with cum…

detailed sex stories ~You are a sexy mess Dawn… ~Steve

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