college girl being bratty

I stared in shock at the neon blue icing on my hand that I had wiped from my hair. I cannot believe this college girl, as cute and sexy as that mischief in her blue eyes is, deliberately squirted me. Pretty icing but still my piping bag squirted on its own and only got on her chest. It’s not like anyone here was wearing clothes to get messy. David’s 59th birthday was the next day we had to finish his cake so we could play tomorrow. My mouth still hanging open I looked at David just as he started to laugh as Katy was. Without thought, I stepped up to miss brat and smeared her pretty strawberry red hair too. LOL and just that fast the little imp grabbed me and we were wrestling standing up.

David, of course, rushed over pulling us apart trying not to laugh. He knew we were not really upset just having fun. BUT he also did not want the house messy.. er… LOL. I don’t think my gentle Dom was expecting our joint next move. I think he was expecting us to be properly contrite for our “littles” play fight.

What he got was his naked body caught between us. A nude imp and a minx both covered in cake icing, and now his was as well. LOL, we loved on him hugging him close wiggling our bodies ALL over. Our snuggling smeared the icing in everywhere including his underarm pits. LOL With a sharp stinging pop to each of our butts he got stern. David is so cute when he gets all forceful Dom on me. Katy scampered into the master bathroom faster than I did but she was only naughty “little” for me.

“Get your asses in the shower NOW”

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