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I held his head up so he was forced to look into my eyes as the BBC in his ass exploded with cum.  Adding yet another load of cum into Tony’s already overflowing bi cuckold ass.

“ugghhh thank you, Mistress Dawn, may I have another”

I loved seeing the finger and hand prints on his hips and ass. The huge cocked black men I choose for him were always rough. I love to hear the sounds forced from him as his body took more than God made it for. My gods watching Tony getting fucked so violently was like watching a man be raped. It always made me so horny.

Soon I would not be able to resist the feelings. I would allow one of the men to fuck my pussy until he came deep in me then allow Tony to eat the BBC creampie from me. He deserves a reward for being such a good boy. That the guys know will be when they will double team him. Fucking and abusing his face with their cocks as well as his ass.

I try to postpone it as long as possible. Tony is so beautifully covered in lust. The two loads of cum in my pussy from the ride home on the bus might work this time. I could just let him eat those out of my cunt. Or I could just let us go for a free for all. Oh lord the choices. It is way harder being a Mistress then most think.

So I slide further down on the couch till my pussy is under Tony’s nose. Without a word he almost attaches my pussy with his mouth. I can still hear the sounds forced from him by the 4th BBC of the night as he eats stranger’s creampie…

Tony is such a good boy.

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