brother sister sex story

Why I love humiliation phone sex? My Name is John. My brother sister sex story began when I was in school. When my dad remarried to a lady that had a daughter about a year older than me; both my mother in law {Mommy} and stepsister {Lacy} were very striking and sexy.

My new mommy, it was 5’10 with the long tan legs very toned but still very juicy. Since she worked out she was very firm though she had fake boobs. Me being me, this caused me to pop endless erections. One day Mommy was working in the garden. It was hot and she was wearing just little shorts and a wife beater no bra. I started watching her through the upstairs bathroom window. She usually had my dad do things like. It was very obvious she was running the show.

My dad was gone on a trip. It was just my Mommy and me at the house. I THOUGHT!!! With her downstairs working in the garden I just stared at her sweating. Her nipples are showing more and more as her scrap of a shirt got wetter and wetter. So I took off my shirt then drop my pants around my ankles, standing butt ass I walked naked to the window. I smile as I rub my little Peter. I took about three steps away from my clothes and then I heard the bedroom door shut behind me. Then I was instantly mortified. I didn’t even want to look. I heard my stepsister Lacy’s voice say:

 ~ brother sister sex story “Well, well, well, what little pervert do we have here”.

Lacy was very much a dominant young woman. In high school, she was the girl everyone wanted to fuck. She ordered me to turn around and look at her. I hesitated she immediately said;

~ brother sister sex story “Turn around and look at me right in the eyes now!”

I turned around looked at her standing there naked. She burst out laughing, pointing at my penis. She thought was too funny being so small. I went to grab my pants and underwear but she would not allow me too.  She reached down and flicked my tiny dick. At the time I didn’t think she was being serious when she said;

~ brother sister sex story “Oh… You belong to me now you snail dicked thing”

A few days later she came to my room with a present. It was a chastity belt for my tiny cock and balls. “Wait till all the girls in school here about this, wait till I tell them about John’s little weenie. They’re gonna have so much fun with you”.

That was the start of my new life, being servant and sex slave to stepsister Lacy… and those my Mistress commanded me to serve. ~John

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