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I love bragging about my sexual adventures in lush sex stories as much as I love age play phone sex. I stopped at this rest stop a few miles from my town, on the way home from out of state. It seemed deserted and I needed to pee so bad. I am very adventurous that is one reason I am such a good phone sex operator. I went to the ladies room and I was NOT going to use THAT mess. So I went to the men’s room. The last stall had a door instead of a curtain so of course, that is the one I used. As I was finishing wiping I heard someone enter so I stayed still. I was a little nervous sitting there with my panties and pants around my ankles. Then to the right, right there at my face was a hard cock pushing through the wall. Such a lovely long cock my mouth watered. I heard a gruff voice say

lush sex stories ~ “Suck my cock and let me feed you a hot load”.

I could not help myself. That wonderful cock was right there… and no one would ever know… I could smell that earthly masculine scent.  So I gingerly licked the head. I swirled my tongue around tickling the underside. Oh lord, he tasted delicious. It was so naughty and exciting. I could not wait I took his cock into my mouth sucking hard. I reached for my pussy and started rubbing my swollen clit. Then I just fell into bobbing my head up and down his shaft. This stranger that I had never even seen, I tasted his precum and just like that, I was lost in the experience.

LOL well at least until I slammed my nose into the stall wall.

I yanked my head back off that yummy cock. As I grabbed my face with my cunt juices all over my face I whimpered. Suddenly realizing this could be a dangerous situation. As I nursed my poor nose my mind began to swirl with the possibilities of what could happen. That rough voice demanded, “don’t stop now you teasing bitch”. I watched as that long cock disappeared from the wall. The pain in my nose was subsiding but my heart raced faster. I did not know what to do. Next thing I knew the stall door was yanked open. I swear my heart paused as I started, looking straight at the cock. He reacted faster than I did with how dazed I was. This strange man reached down and dragged my body up against his.

“Fuck you’re a hot slut, much better then what I thought, Hey Mack!!!

Come check this little bitch out”.  With that, he did this swirl move and I was on the outside and him next to the toilet. My mind fixated on “His eyes are hazel like mine” I stumbled as he sat down causing me to land on his lap. With my knees spread and my ankles still trapped in my clothes my pussy landed on his cock. His strong hands lifted me as he ordered me.

lush sex stories  ~“Put my cock in slut”

Reaching down I lined his cock up with my pussy when I heard “Fucking jackpot man”. I turned my head in shock at the smaller black man framed by the door frame. The first man pulled my body down as he thrust up. He impaled me completely. I felt like I had been stabbed clear through. God, it hurt so good. Thank god I was so turned on from before or I would have been miserable. As it was I almost orgasmed instantly as I felt him hit my cervix. Those hands kept lifting me and dropping me. I could not help myself I reached up, bracing me on those wide shoulders and started to rock my hips.

That is when I felt a cock pushing against my asshole.

I was so close to orgasming. I could not stop rocking my hips even as I felt two more hands on my body. That burning stretching pain of a cock entering my unprepared ass was enough to cause me to start cumming. I squirted all over the first man as the BBC thrust hard and fast in my ass. Someone tried holding me still as the man under me ground up in my pussy. I could not stop I was trying to twerk on both cocks at once as my orgasm continued to roll through me. I felt the cock in my pussy cumming as the man attached to the cock roared.

 lush sex stories  ~I felt jet after jet of hot cum

Hitting my cervix causing me to cum even harder than before. The BBC in my ass was experiencing his own orgasm as he felt my orgasm contract all the muscles in my body. I vaguely felt him slam his body against mine grinding his buried cock deeper. All three of us slumped in a pile of boneless bodies for a couple of moments as my orgasming slowed. First “Mack” the black guy pulled out of my ass. Then while still having aftershocks of mini orgasms, the first man lifted me off his lap to my feet. I sagged against the wall just staring at his cock, that wonderful weapon of lust. The man stood up tucking his cock into his pants. Taking me by the arms he again did the twisting move gently setting me back on the toilet.

lush sex stories  ~Then they walked out leaving me dripping cum.

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