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alt sex stories make age play phone sex which is a yummy taboo phone sex all the more exciting. You see I was quite young when I became sexually active. My Uncle Jim was my first lover. I remember one night when I had him exactly as I wanted him. It had been more than a week since I was able to play with Uncle Jim. My parents had let me spend the night at my aunt and uncles with the other kids “camping” in the barn. My Aunt Wanda leaving for work woke me about 3 a.m.

With my tiny body was desperate for Uncle Jim’s cock.

I went inside the house, into Uncle Jim’s bedroom. There he was on his back sound asleep, his arms slightly above his head. The bed rumpled from where my aunt had lain beside him. Their headboard tied with a rainbow of different scarves that she loved to wear. The sight of her scarves gave me a naughty mischievous idea. I got undressed quickly. Going around to his side I tied his first hand as I tried not to giggle. Uncle Jim had been teaching us kids knot tying; now I was using his knowledge on him. Climbing up on Aunt Wand’s side my slight weight did not disturb him. I tied his other hand.

I pulled the cover from his body

He was nude I could see his flaccid cock lying against his balls. I scooted down very gently lifted his cock. Opened my mouth wide and took his entire length in for the first time. Very quickly his cock began to grow. Soon his cock was growing hard and long and began to pull out of my mouth. I looked up watching his face in the moonlight. I felt his body tense as he woke up. He opened his eyes and I swear…

 His cock exploded in length and girth to its full size.

He smiled and tried to reach for me. LOL, that is when he realized his hands were tied. I giggled at his shocked face. I stood up and straddled his cock. Sinking down I sat on his cock. Letting him feel how my pussy held him like a hot dog. I slide my hips back and forth. His cock head was hitting my clit with every rock. I looked down to see his cock head peeking out with a bead of precum dripping. Uncle Jim growled at me telling me to untie him. I just grinned and lifted his cock. Fitting it to my pussy entrance…

His cock stretched my pussy

But I sat down as far as I could take it as he groaned. I started to bounce up and down. My orgasm was so close I just could not stop. I was forcing myself down further onto his cock with each bounce.  Just as my orgasm hit, his cock started to hit my cervix. I heard Uncle Jim growl as he planted his feet thrusting up. Together we hooked his cock into my cervix. God’s above it hurt so good. Just like the first time I felt my pussy overwhelmed with pain and pleasure. I was paralyzed by the first huge orgasm of my life. My body collapsed on Uncle Jim’s chest as he continued to fuck up into my tight pussy.

I squirted without knowing

Then I got lost in what I now know is subspace. I have no idea how long Uncle Jim sawed in and out of my pussy. But I felt it when he came. I swear I could feel each jet of his cum slam straight through into my tiny womb. When he finished using my body to fuck himself with I wanted to snuggle. Only then did I realize I still had his hands tied. I reached up and untied him. Instantly he twisted, pulling my little body under him. His cock had not softened too much…

He started power fucking me into the mattress.

My own cum dripped onto my stomach, our cum pushing out with every thrust as he fucked me. He said the dirtiest naughtiest thing. Calling me his dirty slut, saying he owned me, not the other way around. It took him a long time to cum again, but the entire time I was in subspace. I could only experience the overwhelming perfect painful pleasure. Afterward when he was cleaning me up he realized that I had bled a little. But I did not care. My body hummed with pleasure for hours after. Unfortunately, Uncle Jim felt very guilty so was very gentle with me for a long time. I do not think he understood how perfect the encounter had been. I loved everything about him losing control as he did.

Ever since I crave to be used sexually by a strong man

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