Who is cuckolded when you fuck a nun?

The impact of his hand slapping on her bare ass sent a shot of pleasure thru her. “Hold those ass cheeks apart” His voice further thrilling her body. Sister Mary was always obedient. She lowers her shoulders till she was resting her neck on the desk. Turning her head she stares at the statue of Jesus. She does not think of it as God being cuckolded, though as a nun, she is his bride. She is comforting a soul in need. Condry seemed to be in need every time she served here at the Community Center.

Her pussy dripping in anticipation.

Without a single doubt, Sister Mary knew she was acting correctly because how God made her body feel. Condry’s strong hands gripped her hips as his cock met the entrance of her pussy. Sister Mary had been told her entire life. That God would make sure she knew what his plans where by the way she felt. And she had never felt so full of pleasure and gods light as when Condry took comfort in her body.

Sister Mary felt the burning stretch

As she always felt when Condry’s cock pushed into her tight wet heat. Her body got hotter as she felt him fill her. He stopped when his cock was fully seated deep in her pussy. They both breathed for a moment, just experiencing the feeling. His balls resting against her clit, his hips against hers, his fingers squeezing tight into hers, she knew what was coming. He pulled back and thrust forward.

The power of his thrust forced a cry from her lips

Instantly Condry began to fuck her with a wild abandon. Forcing her body to experience pleasure uncontrollably, she gasps and cried out. Condry watched as Sister Mary’s hips began to thrust back on his cock. At last he stood still, leaning into her thrusts. She twerked her ass up and down grinding his cock head into her deepest reaches. Condry felt her pussy begin to spasm and clench tight around his cock. She froze pressing back against him as her pussy milked his cock; a rush of her holy honey coated him. He held still. His knees felt weak with the urge to empty his balls. His body trembled with the effort to hold control but he could not.

Her cum dripped from his balls causing jet after jet of his cum to erupt filling her with his need. Condry wondered does this mean I cuckolded god…

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