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I have the best Milf Sex stories like this one… My mom Dawn is the perfect mother. She supports me in anything I want to do and everything I want to try. Even being a sissy cuckold to her. You see my mom is beautiful and naïve. Going through high school I could remember all the guys telling me how bad they wanted her. And they watched her at sporting events. How all the other moms were jealous of her, covetous of her firm tits, her shapely sexy ass, and her all-around amazing figure. And she is always sweet and accepting of me. I guess you could say I had it pretty good right.  Well she didn’t know how much

I have thing for dick, big huge meaty dick.

Don’t get me wrong I like girls but nothing beats being on one’s knees and having a fat meaty sausage in your face. Anyways since my loser dad left my mom started seeing this man named Dominic. Dominic was a 6ft 6 black guy with huge arms a nice round bubble butt. With a nice 12 pack that looked like he had just been sculpted from Mt Olympus.

One night I was getting ready for work… just another night of going to stock shelves and rude customers all over again. As I was getting ready to leave I can hear my mom dawn and Dominic on the living laughing and having fun. My mom dawn looked so beautiful in her robe, the end of it barely covered her butt. Dominic was in a tank top and shorts. And out of the corner of my eye, I see a huge bulge in his shorts he had to be 9 inches or more. I thought how lucky she was and the fun she was about to have. I kissed her goodnight and left work.

8 hours came and went and I came home. Tired and horny I go and use the restroom. And on my way back I noticed my mom’s door open. I go to take a peak and what I saw next stunned me. I saw my beautiful mom dawn. She was naked, face down, ass in the air, and her beautiful hair all in a mess. Beyond her

I see this huge 10-inch Mandingo cock at attention.

Dominic seemed fast asleep with a case of morning wood. I went around to his side of the bed. At first, I just looked… then I leaned in and gave it a quick kiss. Still, Dominic was asleep. So I decided to have more fun. I slowly herded him and put my lips around the huge head of his cock. I could hear the slight moans from Dominic. Slowly, I was sucking the head of his huge cock in till I noticed something. The moans had stopped and the room was quiet. I look up and see Dominic had woken up and was angry.

 He grabbed my neck and drug me to my room.

“What the hell are you doing Ken…I ain’t no goddam fucking Fagg”.

“I’m sorry Dominic it will never happen again please don’t tell my mom please I will do anything”.

Dominic looked at me with an evil smile. “Anything u say huh” “haha well you were sucking my dick pretty good get on ur fucking knees”.

“Yes sir” I replied…..I got on my knees and took his cock whole. I worked his shaft up and down and sucked his balls. “Mmmmmm” “gaaaaahhhh” as I choked on his cock.

“Damn Ken u sure suck this nigga meat better than your mother. You sissy boy fagget” With that Dominic grabbed my head in his huge hands, shoved every inch of his cock down my throat. He face fucked me good. He slammed my face into his body so hard his balls bounced on my chin. It was not long before I felt his balls tighten. When he came all I could do was hold my breath as his cock jumped in my throat. Shooting jet after Jet of cum down into my belly. He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in my mouth and I sucked in hard. I sucked the last shot of cum from his balls as he squeezed my head and groaned…After that morning I became his sex slave. God, I adore him.

I am very lucky that my new stepdad loves me too. Even if he cuckolds my momma Dawn with me… and makes me a sissy cuckold by fucking her.

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